Plant Disease (2004) 88 (7)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2004 and volume (issue): 88 (7)

Plant Disease (2004) 88, 688-694
Jan-Kees C. Goud, Aad J. Termorshuizen, Wim J. Blok and Ariena H.C. van Bruggen (2004)
Long-term effect of biological soil disinfestation on Verticillium wilt

Plant Disease (2004) 88, 695-702
Tijs Gilles, Kath Phelps, John P. Clarkson and Roy Kennedy (2004)
Development of MILIONCAST, an improved model for predicting downy mildew sporulation on onions

Plant Disease (2004) 88, 703-708
R.P. Singh, J. Huerta-Espino, W. Pfeiffer and P. Figueroa-Lopez (2004)
Occurrence and impact of a new leaf rust race on durum wheat in northwestern Mexico from 2001 to 2003

Plant Disease (2004) 88, 709-713
G. Vidalakis, D.J. Gumpf, J.A. Bash and J.S. Semancik (2004)
Finger imprint of Poncirus trifoliata: A specific interaction of a viroid, a host, and irrigation

Plant Disease (2004) 88, 714-720
H. Huang, S.N. Jeffers, D.R. Layne and G. Schnabel (2004)
AFLP analysis of Phytophthora cactorum isolates from strawberry and other hosts: Implications for identifying the primary source of inoculum

Plant Disease (2004) 88, 721-723
J.A. Wrather, J.G. Shannon, W.E. Stevens, D.A. Sleper and A.P. Arelli (2004)
Soybean cultivar and foliar fungicide effects on Phomopsis sp. seed infection

Plant Disease (2004) 88, 724-730
S.A. Pereyra, R. Dill-Macky and A.L. Sims (2004)
Survival and inoculum production of Gibberella zeae in wheat residue

Plant Disease (2004) 88, 731-735
N.A.R. Peres, N.L. Souza, E.L. Furtado and L.W. Timmer (2004)
Evaluation of systems for timing of fungicide sprays for control of postbloom fruit drop of citrus in Brazil

Plant Disease (2004) 88, 736-740
A. Obradovic, J.B. Jones, M.T. Momol, B. Balogh and S.M. Olson (2004)
Management of tomato bacterial spot in the field by foliar applications of bacteriophages and SAR inducers

Plant Disease (2004) 88, 741-744
S. Boso, J.L. Santiago and M.C. Martínez (2004)
Resistance of eight different clones of the grape cultivar Albariño to Plasmopara viticola

Plant Disease (2004) 88, 745-750
J.H. Graham and R.P. Leite Jr. (2004)
Lack of control of citrus canker by induced systemic resistance compounds

Plant Disease (2004) 88, 751-757
I.J. Holb, B. Heijne and M.J. Jeger (2004)
Overwintering of conidia of Venturia inaequalis and the contribution to early epidemics of apple scab

Plant Disease (2004) 88, 758-760
E.A.V. Zauza, A.C. Alfenas, T.C. Harrington, E.S. Mizubuti and J.F. Silva (2004)
Resistance of Eucalyptus clones to Ceratocystis fimbriata

Plant Disease (2004) 88, 761-768
T.J. Hughes, N.C. Kurtzweil, B.W. Diers and C.R. Grau (2004)
Resistance to brown stem rot in soybean germ plasm with resistance to the soybean cyst nematode

Plant Disease (2004) 88, p. 769 (Larsen et al.)
R.C. Larsen, C.R. Grau, G.J. Vandemark, T.J. Hughes and B.D. Hudelson (2004)
First report of brown root rot of alfalfa caused by Phoma sclerotioides in Wisconsin

Plant Disease (2004) 88, p. 769 (Koike)
S.T. Koike (2004)
Southern blight of Jerusalem artichoke caused by Sclerotium rolfsii in California

Plant Disease (2004) 88, p. 769 (Cambra et al.)
M.A. Cambra, A. Palacio-Bielsa and M.M. López (2004)
Borage (Borago officinalis) is a new host of Pseudomonas cichorii in the Ebro Valley of Spain

Plant Disease (2004) 88, p. 770 (Liu et al.)
Qingzhong Liu, Tianqi Wu, Robert E. Davis and Yan Zhao (2004)
First report of witches'-broom disease of Broussonetia papyrifera and its association with a phytoplasma of elm yellows group (16SrV)

Plant Disease (2004) 88, p. 770 (Holcomb)
G.E. Holcomb (2004)
First report of southern blight of Ruellia brittoniana caused by Sclerotium rolfsii in Louisiana

Plant Disease (2004) 88, p. 770 (Feau et al.)
N. Feau and L. Bernier (2004)
First report of shining willow as a host plant for Septoria musiva

Plant Disease (2004) 88, p. 771 (Deahl et al.)
K.L. Deahl, D.S. Shaw and L.R. Cooke (2004)
Natural occurrence of Phytophthora infestans on black nightshade (Solanum nigrum) in Wales

Plant Disease (2004) 88, p. 771 (Martinez-Ochoa et al.)
N. Martínez-Ochoa, S.W. Mullis, A.S. Csinos and T.M. Webster (2004)
First report of yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) and purple nutsedge (C. rotundus) in Georgia naturally infected with Impatiens necrotic spot virus

Plant Disease (2004) 88, p. 772 (Vogler et al.)
D.R. Vogler and D.A. Charlet (2004)
First report of the white pine blister rust fungus (Cronartium ribicola) infecting whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) and Ribes spp. in the Jarbidge Mountains of Northeastern Nevada

Plant Disease (2004) 88, p. 772 (Ploetz)
R.C. Ploetz (2004)
First report of black Sigatoka of banana caused by Mycosphaerella fijiensis on Grand Bahama Island