Plant Disease (2003) 87, p. 749 (Molinero-Ruiz et al.)

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M.L. Molinero-Ruiz, J.M. Melero-Vara, T.J. Gulya and J. Dominguez (2003)
First report of resistance to metalaxyl in downy mildew of sunflower caused by Plasmopara halstedii in Spain
Plant Disease 87 (6), 749-749
Abstract: Between 1994 to 2000, isolates of Plasmopara halstedii were collected from sunflower in Spain and evaluated for metalaxyl resistance. The fungus identification was based on morphological characteristics. The disease incidence of inoculated plants was determined as a percentage of plants displaying sporulation of the fungus on the cotyledons and/or true leaves. It was 95 to 100% for the untreated seedlings. However, only 1 of 52 isolates develop mildew symptoms on seedlings (67%) treated with metalaxyl.
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Plasmopara halstedii Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Spain (continental)