Plant Disease (2003) 87, 1129-1132

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S.W. Fraedrich, M.M. Cram and Z.A. Handoo (2003)
Suitability of southern pines, other selected crops, and nutsedge to a Longidorus sp. associated with stunting of loblolly pine seedlings
Plant Disease 87 (9), 1129-1132
Abstract: An undescribed needle nematode (Longidorus sp.) has been associated with severely stunted loblolly pine seedlings at a south Georgia nursery. Containers with selected crop and weed species were infested with 100 or 200 adults and juveniles of the Longidorus individuals to evaluate host suitability. Nematode populations increased in containers with slash, loblolly, and longleaf pine seedlings. The Longidorus sp. significantly reduced the dry root weights of slash (P = 0.008) and loblolly (P = 0.047) but not longleaf (P = 0.095) pine compared with controls. Populations of Longidorus decreased on nutsedge and small grains, including wheat, rye, oat, sorghum, and millet; and, in most experiments, populations decreased to levels found in fallow containers. Populations decreased on tomato and cabbage but increased slightly on red oak. The periodic removal of fields from pine production to grow cover crops consisting of small grains or to maintain fallow fields may be an important practice for management of this Longidorus sp.
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