Plant Disease (2002) 86 (8)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2002 and volume (issue): 86 (8)

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 820-826
Pao-Jen Ann, Tun-Tschu Chang and Wen-Hsiung Ko (2002)
Phellinus noxius brown root rot of fruit and ornamental trees in Taiwan

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 827-832
G. Viji and W. Uddin (2002)
Distribution of mating type alleles and fertility status of Magnaporthe grisea causing gray leaf spot of perennial ryegrass and St. Augustinegrass turf

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 833-839
J.P. Wilson (2002)
Fungi associated with the stalk rot complex of pearl millet

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 840-847
N.A. Mitkowski, J.G. Van der Beek and G.S. Abawi (2002)
Characterization of root-knot nematode populations associated with vegetables in New York State

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 848-853
Shiping Tian, Qing Fan, Yong Xu and Haibo Liu (2002)
Biocontrol efficacy of antagonist yeasts to gray mold and blue mold on apples and pears in controlled atmospheres

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 854-858
L.A. Steventon, I. Happstadius, P. Okori and C. Dixelius (2002)
Development of a rapid technique for the evaluation of the response of Brassica napus to Verticillium wilt

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 859-866
P.M. Caldwell, J.M.J. Ward, N. Miles and M.D. Laing (2002)
Assessment of the effects of fertilizer applications on gray leaf spot and yield in maize

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 867-874
D.M. Sether and J.S. Hu (2002)
Yield impact and spread of Pineapple mealybug wilt associated virus-2 and mealybug wilt of pineapple in Hawaii

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 875-879
R.L. Wichman and D.L. Hopkins (2002)
Differentiation of pathogenic groups of Xylella fastidiosa strains with whole-cell protein profiles

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 880-882
M.R. Pooler, K.A. Jacobs and M. Kramer (2002)
Differential resistance to Botryosphaeria ribis among Cercis taxa

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 883-888
Youfu Zhao, John P. Damicone and Carol L. Bender (2002)
Detection, survival, and sources of inoculum for bacterial diseases of leafy crucifers in Oklahoma

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 889-896
C.T. Bull, K.G. Shetty and K.V. Subbarao (2002)
Interactions between myxobacteria, plant pathogenic fungi, and biocontrol agents

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 897-900
N. Ficcadenti, S. Sestili, S. Annibali, G. Campanelli, A. Belisario, M. Maccaroni and L. Corazza (2002)
Resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melonis race 1,2 in muskmelon lines Nad-1 and Nad-2

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 901-908
R.M. Harveson and C.M. Rush (2002)
The Influence of irrigation frequency and cultivar blends on the severity of multiple root diseases in sugar beets

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 909-914
P. Timper, J.P. Wilson, A.W. Johnson and W.W. Hanna (2002)
Evaluation of pearl millet grain hybrids for resistance to Meloidogyne spp. and leaf blight caused by Pyricularia grisea

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 915-918
N. Shishkoff and M.T. McGrath (2002)
AQ10 biofungicide combined with chemical fungicides or AddQ spray adjuvant for control of cucurbit powdery mildew in detached leaf culture

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 919 (Gulya)
T.J. Gulya (2002)
First report of cross-infectivity of Plasmopara halstedii from marshelder to sunflower

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 919 (Karssen et al.)
G. Karssen and J. Grunder (2002)
First report of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne kralli in Switzerland

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 919 (Sangoyomi et al.)
T.E. Sangoyomi, E.J.A. Ekpo and R. Asiedu (2002)
First report of Nattrassia mangiferae as a postharvest fungal pathogen of white yam (Dioscorea rotundata) in Nigeria

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 920 (Aparna et al.)
G.S. Aparna, K. Gopal, K. Venkata Subbaiah, M.N. Reddy and M. Sreenivasulu (2002)
First report of herbacious hosts for Citrus yellow mosaic badnavirus from India

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 920 (Jomantiene et al.)
R. Jomantiene, J.L. Maas, F. Takeda and R.E. Davis (2002)
Molecular identification and classification of Strawberry phylloid fruit phytoplasma in group 16SrI, new subgroup R

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 920 (Garibaldi et al.)
A. Garibaldi, A. Minuto, D. Bertetti and M.L. Gullino (2002)
First report of powdery mildew on Euryops pectinatus in Italy

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 921 (Koike et al.)
S.T. Koike, H.R. Azad and D.C. Cooksey (2002)
First report of bacterial leaf spot of spinach caused by a Pseudomonas syringae pathovar in California

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 921 (Tarnowski et al.)
C.G. Tarnowski, P.A. Worlock, S. Ulanovsky and S. Gómez Talquenca (2002)
First report of Rupestris stem pitting associated virus in Argentina

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 921 (Huang et al.)
H.C. Huang, R.S. Erickson, L.J. Yanke, H.-H. Mündel and T.F. Hsieh (2002)
First report of pink seed of common bean caused by Erwinia rhapontici

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 922 (Intini)
M. Intini (2002)
First report of Inonotus rickii causing canker rot on boxelder in Europe

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 922 (Boshoff et al.)
W.H.P. Boshoff, Z.A. Pretorius, B.D. van Niekerk and J.S. Komen (2002)
First report of virulence in Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici to wheat stem rust resistance genes Sr8b and Sr38 in South Africa

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 922 (Turechek et al.)
W.W. Turechek, C. Heidenreich and M.P. Pritts (2002)
First report of strawberry anthracnose (Colletotrichum acutatum) in strawberry fields in New York

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 922 (Widmer et al.)
T. Widmer, L. Castlebury and A. Rossman (2002)
First report of Phoma exigua on Centaurea solstitialis (Asteraceae) in Russia

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 923 (Garibaldi et al.)
A. Garibaldi, A. Minuto, D. Bertetti and M.L. Gullino (2002)
First report of powdery mildew on Asclepias curassavica in Italy

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 923 (Gulya et al.)
T.J. Gulya, J. Krupinsky, M. Draper and L.D. Charlet (2002)
First report of charcoal rot (Macrophomina phaseolina) on sunflower in North and South Dakota