Plant Disease (2002) 86 (3)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2002 and volume (issue): 86 (3)

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 205-214
D.M. Rizzo, M. Garbelotto, J.M. Davidson, G.W. Slaughter and S.T. Koike (2002)
Phytophthora ramorum as the cause of extensive mortality of Quercus spp. and Lithocarpus densiflorus in California

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 215-219
M. Victoria Novas and Daniel Cabral (2002)
Association of mycotoxin and sclerotia production with compatibility groups in Aspergillus flavus from peanut in Argentina

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 220-224
P. Boff, J. Köhl, M. Jansen, P.J.F.M. Horsten, C. Lombaers-van der Plas and M. Gerlagh (2002)
Biological control of gray mold with Ulocladium atrum in annual strawberry crops

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 225-231
B. Wang and S.N. Jeffers (2002)
Effects of cultural practices and temperature on Fusarium root and crown rot of container-grown hostas

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 232-234
G.L. Windham and W.P. Williams (2002)
Evaluation of corn inbreds and advanced breeding lines for resistance to aflatoxin contamination in the field

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 235-240
P. Vincelli and E. Dixon (2002)
Resistance to Q(o)I (strobilurin-like) fungicides in isolates of Pyricularia grisea from perennial ryegrass

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 241-246
Bradley R. Kropp, Dane R. Hansen and Sherman V. Thomson (2002)
Establishment and dispersal of Puccinia thlaspeos in field populations of dyer's woad

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 247-253
T. Wangsomboondee and J.B. Ristaino (2002)
Optimization of sample size and DNA extraction methods to improve PCR detection of different propagules of Phytophthora infestans

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 254-258
C.E. McAlpin, D.T. Wicklow and B.W. Horn (2002)
DNA fingerprinting analysis of vegetative compatibility groups in Aspergillus flavus from a peanut field in Georgia

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 259-263
G. Hughes, T.R. Gottwald and L. Levy (2002)
The use of hierarchical sampling in the surveillance program for Plum pox virus incidence in the United States

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 264-268
J.S. Miller, T.F. Cummings, L.J. Mikitzel and D.A. Johnson (2002)
Influence of timing of harvest in relation to haulm killing and planting date on potato tuber rot caused by Phytophthora infestans

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 269-277
F.W. Nutter Jr., J. Guan, A.R. Gotlieb, L.H. Rhodes, C.R. Grau and R.M. Sulc (2002)
Quantifying alfalfa yield losses caused by foliar diseases in Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Vermont

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 278-281
J.W. Buck, M.W. van Iersel, R.D. Oetting and Y.-C. Hung (2002)
In vitro fungicidal activity of acidic electrolyzed oxidizing water

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 282-287
N. Ntahimpera, G.F. Driever, D. Felts, D.P. Morgan and T.J. Michailides (2002)
Dynamics and pattern of latent infection caused by Botryosphaeria dothidea on pistachio buds

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 288-291
J.A. Kolmer (2002)
Virulence phenotypes of Puccinia triticina in the South Atlantic States in 1999

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 292-297
M.E. Matheron and M. Porchas (2002)
Suppression of Phytophthora root and crown rot on pepper plants treated with acibenzolar-S-methyl

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 298-303
Mehdi Kabbage and William W. Bockus (2002)
Effect of placement of inoculum of Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici on severity of take-all in winter wheat

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 304-311
David L. Coplin, Doris R. Majerczak, Yongxiang Zhang, Won-Sik Kim, Susanne Jock and Klaus Geider (2002)
Identification of Pantoea stewartii subsp. stewartii by PCR and strain differentiation by PFGE

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 312-315
J.R. Yaege and D.L. Stuteville (2002)
Reactions of accessions in the annual Medicago core germ plasm collection to Erysiphe pisi

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 326 (Gitaitis et al.)
R. Gitaitis, J. Wilson, R. Walcott, H. Sanders and W. Hanna (2002)
Occurrence of bacterial stripe of pearl millet in Georgia

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 326 (Blount et al.)
A.R. Blount, R.N. Pittman, B.A. Smith, R.N. Morgan, W. Dankers, R.K. Sprenkel and M.T. Momol (2002)
First report of Peanut stunt virus in perennial peanut in North Florida and southern Georgia

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 326 (Babbitt et al.)
S. Babbitt, M. Gally, B.A. Pérez and D. Barreto (2002)
First report of Nectria haematococca causing wilt of olive plants in Argentina

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 327 (Zhu et al.)
X. Zhu, L.M. Reid, T. Woldemariam, A. Tenuta and A.W. Schaafsma (2002)
First report of gray leaf spot caused by Cercospora zeae-maydis on corn in Ontario, Canada

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 327 (Wood et al.)
A.R. Wood and M. Scholler (2002)
Puccinia abrupta var. partheniicola on Parthenium hysterophorus in southern Africa

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 327 (Cacciola et al.)
S.O. Cacciola, A. Pane, S. Davino and F. Raudino (2002)
First report of Phytophthora palmivora on Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca in Italy

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 328 (Kaiser et al.)
W.J. Kaiser, G.M. Rivero V., E. Valverde B. and L. Yerkes (2002)
First report of Botryosphaeria dothidea and B. obtusa on apple in Bolivia

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 328 (Vettraino et al.)
A.M. Vettraino, A. Belisario, M. Maccaroni, N. Anselmi and A. Vannini (2002)
First report of Phytophthora cryptogea in walnut stands in Italy

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 328 (Khan et al.)
J.A. Khan, M.K. Siddiqui and B.P. Singh (2002)
The association of begomovirus with bitter melon in India

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 329 (Tessitori et al.)
M. Tessitori, A. Reina and R. La Rosa (2002)
First report of mixed infection of Hop stunt viroid and Peach latent mosaic viroid on peach

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 329 (Garibaldi et al.)
A. Garibaldi, G. Gilardi, D. Bertetti and M.L. Gullino (2002)
First report of powdery mildew on azalea Cv. Mollis (Rhododendron japonicum × R. molle) in Italy

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 329 (Lisa et al.)
V. Lisa, H.J. Vetten, D.-E. Lesemann and P. Gotta (2002)
Occurrence of Lily mottle virus in escarole

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 329 (Dimou et al.)
D. Dimou, J. Drossopoulou, E. Moschos, C. Varveri and F. Bem (2002)
First report of Citrus tristeza virus in Greece

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 330 (Nunez et al.)
J.J. Nunez, R.L. Gilbertson, X. Meng and R.M. Davis (2002)
First report of Xanthomonas leaf blight of onion in California

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 330 (Michelutti et al.)
R. Michelutti, J.C. Tu, D.W.A. Hunt, D. Gagnier, T.R. Anderson, T.W. Welacky and A.U. Tenuta (2002)
First report of Bean pod mottle virus in soybean in Canada

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 330 (Villalobos et al.)
W. Villalobos, L. Moreira, C. Rivera, K.D. Bottner and I.-M. Lee (2002)
First report of an aster yellows subgroup 16SrI-B phytoplasma infecting chayote in Costa Rica

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 331 (Borth et al.)
W.B. Borth, R.T. Hamasaki, D. Ogata, S.K. Fukuda and J.S. Hu (2002)
First report of phytoplasmas infecting watercress in Hawaii