Plant Disease (2002) 86 (10)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2002 and volume (issue): 86 (10)

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1056-1066
D.L. Hopkins and A.H. Purcell (2002)
Xylella fastidiosa: Cause of Pierce's disease of grapevine and other emergent diseases

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1067-1074
A.D. Wilson and D.G. Lester (2002)
Trench inserts as long-term barriers to root transmission for control of oak wilt

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1075-1079
A.I. Nico, H.F. Rapoport, R.M. Jiménez-Díaz and P. Castillo (2002)
Incidence and population density of plant-parasitic nematodes associated with olive planting stocks at nurseries in southern Spain

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1080-1084
E.S. Johnson, M.F. Wolff, E.A. Wernsman, W.R. Atchley and H.D. Shew (2002)
Origin of the black shank resistance gene, Ph, in tobacco cultivar Coker 371-Gold

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1085-1088
Vilma C. Conci, Pablo Lunello, Diana Buraschi, Rusell R. Italia and Sergio F. Nome (2002)
Variations of Leek yellow stripe virus concentration in garlic and its incidence in Argentina

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1089-1093
M.L. Carson, M.M. Goodman and S.M. Williamson (2002)
Variation in aggressiveness among isolates of Cercospora from maize as a potential cause of genotype-environment interaction in gray leaf spot trials

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1094-1100
P.D. Peterson and C.L. Campbell (2002)
Prevalence and ecological association of foliar pathogens of cucumber in North Carolina, 1996-1998

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1101-1108
A.L. Colgrove, G.S. Smith, J.A. Wrather, R.D. Heinz and T.L. Niblack (2002)
Lack of predictable race shift in Heterodera glycines-infested field plots

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1109-1114
A.M. Abouzid, J. Freitas-Astua, D.E. Purcifull, J.E. Polston, K.A. Beckham, W.E. Crawford, M.A. Petersen, B. Peyser, C. Patte and E. Hiebert (2002)
Serological studies using polyclonal antisera prepared against the viral coat protein of four begomoviruses expressed in Escherichia coli

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1115-1122
B.M. Pryor, J.O. Strandberg, R.M. Davis, J.J. Nunez and R.L. Gilbertson (2002)
Survival and persistence of Alternaria dauci in carrot cropping systems

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1123-1126
A.W. Schaafsma, D.C. Hooker, T.S. Baute and L. Illincic-Tamburic (2002)
Effect of Bt-corn hybrids on deoxynivalenol content in grain at harvest

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1127-1133
Alka Bhatia and G.P. Munkvold (2002)
Relationships of environmental and cultural factors with severity of gray leaf spot in maize

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1134-1141
Kathryne L. Everts (2002)
Reduced fungicide applications and host resistance for managing three diseases in pumpkin grown on a no-till cover crop

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1142-1148
Thereza S.L. Barros, Robert E. Davis, Renato O. Resende and Ellen L. Dally (2002)
Erigeron witches'-broom phytoplasma in Brazil represents new subgroup VII-B in 16S rRNA gene group vii, the ash yellows phytoplasma group

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1149-1155
E.W. Gatch, R.L. Hellmich and G.P. Munkvold (2002)
A comparison of maize stalk rot occurrence in Bt and non-Bt hybrids

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1156-1162
E.W. Gatch and G.P. Munkvold (2002)
Fungal species composition in maize stalks in relation to European corn borer injury and transgenic insect protection

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1163-1168
Niklaus J. Grünwald, Gaspar Romero Montes, H. Lozoya Saldaña, O.A. Rubio Covarrubias and William E. Fry (2002)
Potato late blight management in the Toluca Valley: field validation of SimCast modified for cultivars with high field resistance

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1169-1174
R. H. Brlansky, D.S. Howd, P. Broadbent and V.D. Damsteegt (2002)
Histology of sweet orange stem pitting caused by an Australian isolate of Citrus tristeza virus

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 1175 (Pennisi et al.)
A.M. Pennisi, S.O. Cacciola, F. Raudino and A. Pane (2002)
First report of Botrytis blight on Medinilla magnifica and various species of Mandevilla and Allamanda in Italy

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 1175 (Labuschagne et al.)
N. Labuschagne, C. Gull, F.C. Wehner and W.J. Botha (2002)
Pythium spp. infecting hydroponically grown lettuce in South Africa

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 1175 (Danielsen et al.)
S. Danielsen, S.-E. Jacobsen and J. Hockenhull (2002)
First report of downy mildew of quinoa caused by Peronospora farinosa f. sp. chenopodii in Denmark

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 1176 (Cacciola et al.)
S.O. Cacciola, A. Pane, F. Raudino and S. Davino (2002)
First report of root and crown rot of sage caused by Phytophthora cryptogea in Italy

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 1176 (Elena et al.)
K. Elena and E.J. Paplomatas (2002)
First report of Fomitiporia punctata infecting kiwifruit

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 1176 (Tjosvold et al.)
S.A. Tjosvold and S.T. Koike (2002)
First occurrence of downy mildew on Digitalis purpurea (common foxglove), caused by Peronospora digitalidis, in California and the United States

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 1177 (Crosslin et al.)
J.M. Crosslin, P.B. Hamm, K.C. Eastwell, R.E. Thornton, C.R. Brown, D. Corsini, P.J. Shiel and P.H. Berger (2002)
First report of the necrotic strain of Potato virus Y (PVYN) on potatoes in the northwestern United States

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 1177 (Alminaite et al.)
A. Alminaite, R.E. Davis, D. Valiunas and R. Jomantiene (2002)
First report of a group 16SrI, subgroup B, phytoplasma in diseased Epilobium hirsutum in the region of Tallin, Estonia

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 1178 (Barrau et al.)
C. Barrau, B. de los Santos and F. Romero (2002)
First report of leaf rust of southern high-bush blueberry caused by Pucciniastrum vaccinii in southwestern Spain

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 1178 (Bobev et al.)
S.G. Bobev, A. Zveibil and S. Freeman (2002)
First report of Colletotrichum acutatum on strawberry in Bulgaria

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 1178 (du Toit et al.)
L.J. du Toit, M.L. Derie, T. Hsiang and G.Q. Pelter (2002)
Botrytis porri in onion seed crops and onion seed

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 1179 (Abbas et al.)
H.K. Abbas, G. Sciumbato and B. Keeling (2002)
First report of false smut of corn (Zea mays) in the Mississippi Delta

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 1179 (Hu et al.)
B.Y. Hu, W.W. Hsiao and C.H. Fu (2002)
First report of zonate leaf spot of Artocarpus altilis caused by Cristulariella moricola in Taiwan