Plant Disease (2001) 85 (5)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2001 and volume (issue): 85 (5)

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 462-469
Mark T. Andersen, Ross E. Beever, Paul W. Sutherland and Richard L.S. Forster (2001)
Association of "Candidatus Phytoplasma australiense" with sudden decline of cabbage tree in New Zealand

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 470-474
A.W. Wangai, S.S. Pappu, H.R. Pappu, C.M. Deom and R.A. Naidu (2001)
Distribution and characteristics of groundnut rosette disease in Kenya

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 475-480
Thereza S.L. Barros, Robert E. Davis, Renato O. Resende and Ellen L. Dally (2001)
Design of a polymerase chain reaction for specific detection of corn stunt spiroplasma

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 481-488
F.J. Louws, M. Wilson, H.L. Campbell, D.A. Cuppels, J.B. Jones, P.B. Shoemaker, F. Sahin and S.A. Miller (2001)
Field control of bacterial spot and bacterial speck of tomato using a plant activator

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 489-496
F.J. Lopez-Escudero and M.A. Blanco-Lopez (2001)
Effect of a single or double soil solarization to control Verticillium wilt in established olive orchards in Spain

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 497-500
Byung Kook Lee, Beom Seok Kim, Seog Won Chang and Byung Kook Hwang (2001)
Aggressiveness to pumpkin cultivars of isolates of Phytophthora capsici from pumpkin and pepper

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 501-505
W.-B. Li, W.D. Pria Jr., D.C. Teixeira, V.S. Miranda, A.J. Ayres, C.F. Franco, M.G. Costa, C.-X. He, P.I. Costa and J.S. Hartung (2001)
Coffee leaf scorch caused by a strain of Xylella fastidiosa from citrus

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 506-512
Marella Lalitha Shanti, M.L.C. George, C.M. Vera Cruz, M.A. Bernardo, R.J. Nelson, H. Leung, J.N. Reddy and R. Sridhar (2001)
Identification of resistance genes effective against rice bacterial blight pathogen in eastern India

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 513-516
N.J. Delgado, C.R. Grau and M.D. Casler (2001)
Host range and alternate host of a Puccinia coronata population from smooth brome grass

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 517-520
O. Erincik, L.V. Madden, D.C. Ferree and M.A. Ellis (2001)
Effect of growth stage on susceptibility of grape berry and rachis tissues to infection by Phomopsis viticola

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 521-528
J.R. Glass, K.B. Johnson and M.L. Powelson (2001)
Assessment of barriers to prevent the development of potato tuber blight caused by Phytophthora infestans

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 529-534
Stefan Kurze, Hubert Bahl, Robert Dahl and Gabriele Berg (2001)
Biological control of fungal strawberry diseases by Serratia plymuthica HRO-C48

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 535-537
K.E. Conway, R. Mereddy, B.A. Kahn, Y. Wu, S.W. Hallgren and L. Wu (2001)
Beneficial effects of solid matrix chemo-priming in okra

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 538-542
V.V. Michel (2001)
Interactions between Xanthomonas campestris pv. graminis strains and meadow fescue and Italian rye grass cultivars

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 543-546
D.M. Settle, J.D. Fry and N.A. Tisserat (2001)
Development of brown patch and Pythium blight in tall fescue as affected by irrigation frequency, clipping removal, and fungicide application

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 547-552
Hervé Lecoq, Gasim Dafalla, Cécile Desbiez, Catherine Wipf-Scheibel, Brigitte Delécolle, Tanya Lanina, Zakir Ullah and Rebecca Grumet (2001)
Biological and molecular characterization of Moroccan watermelon mosaic virus and a potyvirus isolate from eastern Sudan

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 553-556
S. Sukno, J.M. Fernández-Martínez and J.M. Melero-Vara (2001)
Temperature effects on the disease reactions of sunflower to infection by Orobanche cumana

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 558 (Teviotdale et al.)
B.L. Teviotdale, M. Viveros, B. Pryor and J.E. Adaskaveg (2001)
First report of Alternaria leaf spot of almond caused by species in the Alternaria alternata complex in California

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 558 (Stensvand et al.)
A. Stensvand, G.M. Strømeng, R. Langnes, L.G. Hjeljord and A. Tronsmo (2001)
First report of Colletotrichum acutatum in strawberry in Norway

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 558 (Noa-Carrazana et al.)
J.C. Noa-Carrazana and L. Silva-Rosales (2001)
First report of a Mexican isolate of Papaya mosaic virus in papaya (Carica papaya) and pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo)

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 559 (Inglis et al.)
D. Inglis, M. Derie and T. Hsiang (2001)
Stem canker of cabbage seed stalks caused by Botrytis cinerea in western Washington

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 559 (Olafsson et al.)
S. Olafsson and A. Hermansen (2001)
Outbreak of potato late blight and first report of mating type A2 and metalaxyl resistance of Phytophthora infestans in Iceland

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 559a (Inglis et al.)
D.A. Inglis, M.L. Derie and K.C. Volker (2001)
Evidence that Cercospora carotae causes leaf spot on carrot in western Washington

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 559 (Nielsen et al.)
S.L. Nielsen, M. Nicolaisen, C. Scheel and I.G. Dinesen (2001)
First record of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus in Denmark

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 560 (Pataky et al.)
J.K. Pataky, D.C. Plaisted, D. Scholten and H.F. de Durand (2001)
Puccinia sorghi virulent on sweet corn with the Rp1-D gene in southern France

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 560 (Santini et al.)
A. Santini, G.P. Barzanti and P. Capretti (2001)
A new Phytophthora root disease of alder in Italy

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 560 (Sinclair et al.)
W.A. Sinclair, A.M. Townsend and J.L. Sherald (2001)
Elm yellows phytoplasma lethal to Dutch elm disease-resistant Ulmus americana cultivars

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 561 (Mandal et al.)
B. Mandal, D.B. Langston Jr., H.R. Pappu, G.H. Beard, T.A. Kucharek, J.T. Flanders, J.P. Whiddon, J.E. Smith and W.T. Kelley (2001)
First report of Cabbage leaf curl virus (Family Geminiviridae) in Georgia

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 561 (Crous et al.)
P.W. Crous, A.B. Van Jaarsveld, L.A. Castlebury, L.M. Carris, R.D. Frederick and Z.A. Pretorius (2001)
Karnal bunt of wheat newly reported from the African continent

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 561 (Hill et al.)
J.H. Hill, R. Alleman, D.B. Hogg and C.R. Grau (2001)
First report of transmission of Soybean mosaic virus and Alfalfa mosaic virus by Aphis glycines in the New World

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 562 (Koike et al.)
S.T. Koike, M. Scholler, Arthur and Kriebel Herbaria (2001)
First occurrence of a rust fungus on English daisy (Bellis perennis) in North America

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 562 (Tosi et al.)
L. Tosi and C. Cappelli (2001)
First report of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lentis of lentil in Italy

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 562 (Hollowell et al.)
J.E. Hollowell and B.B. Shew (2001)
Yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus L.) as a host of Sclerotinia minor

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 563 (Melgar et al.)
J. Melgar, R. Mathiasen and B. Howell (2001)
First report of Arceuthobium globosum subsp. grandicaule in Honduras

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 563 (Lee et al.)
H.B. Lee, C.-J. Kim and S.H. Yu (2001)
First report of strawberry fruit rot caused by Alternaria tenuissima in Korea