Plant Disease (2001) 85 (2)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2001 and volume (issue): 85 (2)

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 122-125
M.E. Carrington, P.D. Roberts, N.V.R.R. Urs, R.J. McGovern, T.E. Seijo and J.J. Mullahey (2001)
Premature fruit drop in saw palmettos caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 126-130
Steven T. Koike, Diana M. Henderson and Edward E. Butler (2001)
Leaf spot disease of spinach in California caused by Stemphylium botryosum

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 131-136
V. Toussaint, C.E. Morris and O. Carisse (2001)
A new semi-selective medium for Xanthomonas campestris pv. vitians, the causal agent of bacterial leaf spot of lettuce

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 137-140
David M. Gadoury, Robert C. Seem, Roger C. Pearson, Wayne F. Wilcox and Richard M. Dunst (2001)
Effects of powdery mildew on vine growth, yield, and quality of Concord grapes

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 141-146
R.G. Bhat and K.V. Subbarao (2001)
Reaction of broccoli to isolates of Verticillium dahliae from various hosts

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 147-154
Margaret Tuttle McGrath and Nina Shishkoff (2001)
Resistance to triadimefon and benomyl: Dynamics and impact on managing cucurbit powdery mildew

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 155-158
J.A. Kolmer (2001)
Physiologic specialization of Puccinia triticina in Canada in 1998

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 159-164
J.E. Watkins, J. Schimelfenig, P.S. Baenziger and K.M. Eskridge (2001)
Virulence of Puccinia triticina on wheat in Nebraska during 1997 and 1998

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 165-168
Jerald K. Pataky, Molly C. Pate and Scot H. Hulbert (2001)
Resistance genes in the rp1 region of maize effective against Puccinia sorghi virulent on the Rp1-D gene in North America

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 169-178
Jeri D. Barak, Steven T. Koike and Robert L. Gilbertson (2001)
Role of crop debris and weeds in the epidemiology of bacterial leaf spot of lettuce in California

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 179-182
F. Di Serio, M. Malfitano, D. Alioto, A. Ragozzino, J.C. Desvignes and R. Flores (2001)
Apple dimple fruit viroid: Fulfillment of Koch's postulates and symptom characteristics

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 183-188
Zhonghua Ma, Yong Luo and Themis J. Michailides (2001)
Resistance of Botryosphaeria dothidea from pistachio to iprodione

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 189-194
A.M. Romero, C.S. Kousik and D.F. Ritchie (2001)
Resistance to bacterial spot in bell pepper induced by acibenzolar-S-methyl

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 195-201
E.C. Whiting, A. Khan and W.D. Gubler (2001)
Effect of temperature and water potential on survival and mycelial growth of Phaeomoniella chlamydospora and Phaeoacremonium spp.

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 202-207
Michael C. Edwards, Thomas G. Fetch Jr., Paul B. Schwarz and Brian J. Steffenson (2001)
Effect of Barley yellow dwarf virus infection on yield and malting quality of barley

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 208-215
P. Lava Kumar, A.T. Jones, P. Sreenivasulu, B. Fenton and D.V.R. Reddy (2001)
Characterization of a virus from pigeonpea with affinities to species in the genus Aureusvirus, family Tombusviridae

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 216-219
Wade H. Elmer, Huaan A. Yang and Mark W. Sweetingham (2001)
Characterization of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides isolates from ornamental lupines in Connecticut

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 220-225
H.K. Lee, J.P. Tewari and T.K. Turkington (2001)
A PCR-based assay to detect Rhynchosporium secalis in barley seed

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 226-227
P.L. Gross and J.R. Venette (2001)
Overwinter survival of bean rust urediniospores in North Dakota

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 228 (Wintermantel et al.)
W.M. Wintermantel, J.E. Polston, J. Escudero and E.R. Paoli (2001)
First report of Tomato chlorosis virus in Puerto Rico

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 228 (Colbaugh et al.)
P.F. Colbaugh, W.A. Mackay and S. George (2001)
Alternaria alternata flower blight of Zinnia acerosa in Texas

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 228 (Bernal et al.)
Antonio Bernal, Carl C. Childers and Elliot W. Kitajima (2001)
First report of Citrus leprosis virus in Panama

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 229 (Iboton Singh et al.)
N. Iboton Singh and R.K. Tombisana Devi (2001)
First report of broad bean canker caused by Pestalotiopsis disseminata in India

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 229 (Strandberg)
J.O. Strandberg (2001)
A new disease of flowering dogwood caused by Colletotrichum acutatum

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 229 (Ostry et al.)
M.E. Ostry and N.A. Anderson (2001)
Melampsora leaf rust of willow causing a stem canker in Minnesota

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 229 (Liou et al.)
M.R. Liou, C.L. Hung and R.F. Liou (2001)
First report of Cactus virus X on Hylocereus undatus (Cactaceae) in Taiwan

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 230 (LaMondia)
J.A. LaMondia (2001)
Outbreak of brown spot of tobacco caused by Alternaria alternata in Connecticut and Massachusetts

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 230 (Garrido et al.)
M.J. Garrido, G.E. Trujillo and R. Cuello (2001)
Detection of Sorghum yellow banding virus infecting grain sorghum in Venezuela

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 230 (Soytong et al.)
K. Soytong and S. Jitkasemsuk (2001)
First report of Thielaviopsis paradoxa causing fruit rot on sala (Salacca edulis) in Thailand

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 230 (Valverde et al.)
R.A. Valverde, P. Lotrakul, A.D. Landry and J.E. Boudreaux (2001)
First report of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus in Louisiana

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 231 (Banks et al.)
G.K. Banks, J. Colvin, R.V. Chowda Reddy, M.N. Maruthi, V. Muniyappa, H.M. Venkatesh, M. Kiran Kumar, A.S. Padmaja, F.J. Beitia and S.E. Seal (2001)
First report of the Bemisia tabaci B biotype in India and an associated Tomato leaf curl virus disease epidemic

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 231 (Rodriguez-Alvarado et al.)
G. Rodríguez-Alvarado, S.P. Fernández-Pavía and L. Landa-Hernández (2001)
First report of Pythium aphanidermatum causing crown and stem rot on Opuntia ficus-indica

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 231 (Colbaugh et al.)
P.F. Colbaugh, W.A. Mackay and T.D. Davis (2001)
Alternaria alternata causing flower stem blight of Lupinus havardii

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 232 (Walker et al.)
S.E. Walker, N.E. El-Gholl, P.D. Pratt and T.S. Schubert (2001)
First U.S. report of Pseudocercospora paederiae leaf spot on the invasive exotic Paederia foetida

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 232 (Rayachhetry et al.)
M.B. Rayachhetry, R.W. Pemberton and L.L. Smith (2001)
Pathogenicity assessment of Puccinia lygodii, a potential biological control agent of Lygodium japonicum in southeastern United States