Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 1120 (Valiunas et al.)

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D. Valiunas, A. Alminaite, J. Staniulis, R. Jomantiene and R.E. Davis (2001)
First report of alder yellows phytoplasma in the eastern Baltic Region
Plant Disease 85 (10), 1120-1120
Abstract: During 2000, Alnus glutinosa (alder) trees growing in Lithuania were observed with symptoms of shoot proliferation and leaf yellowing. DNA was extracted from symptomatic plants and analyzed by PCR using phytoplasma specific primers. Subsequent 16S rDNA examination showed the presence in the plants of the alder yellows phytoplasma, belonging to the elm yellows group.
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Alder yellows phytoplasma Alder (Alnus) Lithuania