Plant Disease (2000) 84 (7)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2000 and volume (issue): 84 (7)

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 725-730
W.A. Sinclair, M.L. Gleason, H.M. Griffiths, J.K. Iles, N. Zriba, D.V. Charlson, J.C. Batzer and T.H. Whitlow (2000)
Responses of 11 Fraxinus cultivars to ash yellows phytoplasma strains of differing aggressiveness

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 731-735
P.D. Gavino, C.D. Smart, R.W. Sandrock, J.S. Miller, P.B. Hamm, T. Yun Lee, R.M. Davis and W.E. Fry (2000)
Implications of sexual reproduction for Phytophthora infestans in the United States: Generation of an aggressive lineage

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 736-738
C. Lizárraga, M. Querci, M. Santa Cruz, I. Bartolini and L.F. Salazar (2000)
Other natural hosts of Potato virus T

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 739-742
M.A.V. Alexandre, L.M.L. Duarte, E.B. Rivas, C.M. Chagas, M.M. Barradas and R. Koenig (2000)
Petunia vein banding virus: Characterization of a new tymovirus from Petunia × hybrida

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 743-748
D.E. Legard, F.G. Martin, C.L. Xiao and C.K. Chandler (2000)
Reduced sampling frequency for evaluating fungicide efficacy on Botrytis fruit rot of strawberry

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 749-752
Denis A. Shah, Gary C. Bergstrom and Mark E. Sorrells (2000)
Differential seed infection of wheat cultivars by Stagonospora nodorum

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 753-759
Karen M. Flint and Sherman V. Thomson (2000)
Seasonal infection of the weed dyer's woad by a Puccinia sp. rust used for biocontrol, and effects of temperature on basidiospore production

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 760-766
G. Pio-Ribeiro, S.S. Pappu, H.R. Pappu, G.P. Andrade and D.V.R. Reddy (2000)
Occurrence of Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus in peanut in Brazil

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 767-772
Robert D. Belding, Turner B. Sutton, Sylvia M. Blankenship and Eric Young (2000)
Relationship between apple fruit epicuticular wax and growth of Peltaster fructicola and Leptodontidium elatius, two fungi that cause sooty blotch disease

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 773-778
E.M. Hansen, J.K. Stone, B.R. Capitano, P. Rosso, W. Sutton, L. Winton, A. Kanaskie and M.G. McWilliams (2000)
Incidence and impact of Swiss needle cast in forest plantations of Douglas-fir in coastal Oregon

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 779-784
John F. Murphy, Geoffrey W. Zehnder, David J. Schuster, Edward J. Sikora, Jane E. Polston and Joseph W. Kloepper (2000)
Plant growth-promoting rhizobacterial mediated protection in tomato against Tomato mottle virus

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 785-788
R.E. Baird, R.D. Gitaitis, D.E. Carling, S.M. Baird, P.J. Alt and B.G. Mullinix (2000)
Determination of whole-cell fatty acid profiles for the characterization and differentiation of isolates of Rhizoctonia solani AG-4 and AG-7

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 789-793
A.P. Nyczepir and P.F. Bertrand (2000)
Preplanting bahia grass or wheat compared for controlling Mesocriconema xenoplax and short life in a young peach orchard

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 794-802
Karina F. Ribichich, Silvia E. Lopez and Abelardo C. Vegetti (2000)
Histopathological spikelet changes produced by Fusarium graminearum in susceptible and resistant wheat cultivars

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 803-805
H.-Y. Liu, G.C. Wisler and J.E. Duffus (2000)
Particle lengths of whitefly-transmitted criniviruses

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 806 (El Bakali et al.)
M.A. El Bakali, M.P. Martín, F.F. García, R.C. Montón, B.A. Moret and P.M. Nadal (2000)
First report of Rhizoctonia solani AG-3 on potato in Catalonia (NE Spain)

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 806 (Di Primo et al.)
P. Di Primo and C. Cappelli (2000)
Preliminary characterization of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. gladioli causing Fusarium corm rot of saffron in Italy

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 806 (Choiseul et al.)
J.W. Choiseul and S.F. Carnegie (2000)
First report of Botryotinia fuckeliana causing soft rots in potato in Scotland

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 807 (Balmas et al.)
V. Balmas, P. Corda, A. Marcello and A. Bottalico (2000)
Fusarium nygamai associated with Fusarium foot rot of rice in Sardinia

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 807 (Luis-Arteaga et al.)
M. Luis-Arteaga and M.A. Cambra (2000)
First report of natural infection of greenhouse-grown tomato and weed species by Pelargonium zonate spot virus in Spain

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 807 (Cordova et al.)
I. Cordova, C. Oropeza, H. Almeyda and N.A. Harrison (2000)
First report of a phytoplasma-associated leaf yellowing syndrome of Palma Jipi plants in southern México

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 808 (Schwartz et al.)
H.F. Schwartz and K. Otto (2000)
First report of a leaf blight and bulb decay of onion by Pantoea ananatis in Colorado

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 808a (Schwartz et al.)
H.F. Schwartz and K. Otto (2000)
First report of a bulb decay of onion by Enterobacter cloacae in Colorado

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 808 (Mathiasen et al.)
R. Mathiasen, C. Parks, J. Beatty and S. Sesnie (2000)
First report of Psittacanthus angustifolius on pines in Mexico and Guatemala

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 808 (Rodriguez-Alvarado et al.)
G. Rodríguez-Alvarado, S.P. Fernández-Pavía and J. Galindo-Alonso (2000)
First report of Verticillium dahliae causing wilt on Solanum cardiophyllum and Solanum ehrenbergii

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 809 (Mansoor et al.)
S. Mansoor, S. Mukhtar, M. Hussain, I. Amin, Y. Zafar and K.A. Malik (2000)
Widespread occurrence of Cotton leaf curl virus on radish in Pakistan

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 809 (Brown et al.)
J.K. Brown, A.M. Idris, M.W. Olsen and M.E. Miller (2000)
Cucurbit leaf curl virus, a new whitefly transmitted geminivirus in Arizona, Texas, and Mexico

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 809 (Idris et al.)
A.M. Idris and J.K. Brown (2000)
Identification of a new, monopartite begomovirus associated with leaf curl disease of cotton in Gezira, Sudan

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 810 (Pietersen et al.)
G. Pietersen, A.M. Idris, K. Krüger and J.K. Brown (2000)
Tomato curly stunt virus, a new begomovirus of tomato within the Tomato yellow leaf curl virus-IS cluster in South Africa

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 810 (Pataky et al.)
J.K. Pataky, T.A. Natti, E.B. Snyder and C.J. Kurowski (2000)
Puccinia sorghi in Sinaloa, Mexico virulent on corn with the Rp1-D gene

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 810 (Lewis Ivey et al.)
M.L. Lewis Ivey and S.A. Miller (2000)
First report of bacterial canker of pepper in Ohio

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 811 (Stanghellini et al.)
M.E. Stanghellini, M. Vilchez, D.H. Kim, J.L. Aguiar and J. Armendariz (2000)
First report of root rot caused by Pythium aphanidermatum on artichoke