Plant Disease (2000) 84 (2)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2000 and volume (issue): 84 (2)

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 116-127
I.J. Colquhoun and G. E. St. J. Hardy (2000)
Managing the risks of Phytophthora root and collar rot during bauxite mining in the Eucalyptus marginata (Jarrah) forest of western Australia

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 128-133
L. de Lapeyre de Bellaire, M. Chillet and X. Mourichon (2000)
Elaboration of an early quantification method of quiescent infections of Colletotrichum musae on bananas

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 134-138
G.T. Hill and W.A. Sinclair (2000)
Taxa of leafhoppers carrying phytoplasmas at sites of ash yellows occurrence in New York State

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 139-142
H. Smith, M.J. Wingfield, J. de Wet and T.A. Coutinho (2000)
Genotypic diversity of Sphaeropsis sapinea from South Africa and Northern Sumatra

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 143-147
J.D. Castello, S.O. Rogers, G.D. Bachand, R.C. Fillhart, J.S. Murray, K. Weidemann, M. Bachand and M.A. Almond (2000)
Detection and partial characterization of Tenuiviruses from black spruce

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 148-150
C. Corley Holbrook, David M. Wilson, Michael E. Matheron, John E. Hunter, David A. Knauft and Daniel W. Gorbet (2000)
Aspergillus colonization and aflatoxin contamination in peanut genotypes with reduced linoleic acid composition

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 151-156
Juanita de Wet, Michael J. Wingfield, Teresa A. Coutinho and Brenda D. Wingfield (2000)
Characterization of Sphaeropsis sapinea isolates from South Africa, Mexico, and Indonesia

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 157-163
L.W. Timmer, S.E. Zitko, T.R. Gottwald and J.H. Graham (2000)
Phytophthora brown rot of citrus: Temperature and moisture effects on infection, sporangium production, and dispersal

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 164-167
A.G.C. Lindbeck and R.H. Brlansky (2000)
Cytology of fibrous roots from Citrus blight-affected trees

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 168-172
Pongtharin Lotrakul, Rodrigo A. Valverde, Rodolfo De La Torre, Jeonggu Sim and Alvaro Gomez (2000)
Occurrence of a strain of Texas pepper virus in Tabasco and Habanero pepper in Costa Rica

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 173-176
M. Sedegui, R.B. Carroll, A.L. Morehart, T.A. Evans, S.H. Kim, R. Lakhdar and A. Arifi (2000)
Genetic structure of the Phytophthora infestans population in Morocco

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 185-191
R.J. McGovern, R. McSorley and R.R. Urs (2000)
Reduction of Phytophthora blight of Madagascar periwinkle in Florida by soil solarization in autumn

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 198 (Wichman et al.)
R.L. Wichman, D.L. Hopkins and T.A. Wichman (2000)
First report of oleander leaf scorch caused by Xylella fastidiosa in Florida

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 198 (Dal Bello)
G.M. Dal Bello (2000)
First report of Colletotrichum dematium on tomato in Argentina

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 198 (Jomantiene et al.)
R. Jomantiene, R.E. Davis, L. Antoniuk and J. Staniulis (2000)
First report of phytoplasmas in soybean, alfalfa, and Lupinus sp. in Lithuania

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 199 (Ellis et al.)
M.A. Ellis, M. Nita and L.V. Madden (2000)
First report of Phomopsis fruit rot of strawberry in Ohio

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 199 (Ploetz et al.)
R.C. Ploetz and J.L. Haynes (2000)
First report of race 3 of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici in southeastern Florida

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 199 (Ochoa et al.)
J. Ochoa, G. Fonseca and M.A. Ellis (2000)
First report of Fusarium wilt of babaco (Carica × heilbornii var. pentagona) in Ecuador

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 200 (Mmbaga et al.)
M.T. Mmbaga and H. Sheng (2000)
First report of leaf blight caused by Pseudomonas syringae on Cornus mas

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 200 (Holcomb)
G.E. Holcomb (2000)
First report of Sclerotium rolfsii on Catharanthus roseus

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 200 (Samretwanich et al.)
K. Samretwanich, P. Chiemsombat, K. Kittipakorn and M. Ikegami (2000)
Yellow leaf disease of cantaloupe and wax gourd from Thailand caused by Tomato leaf curl virus

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 200 (Bousalem et al.)
M. Bousalem and S. Dallot (2000)
First report and molecular characterization of Yam mild mosaic virus in Dioscorea alata on the Island of Martinique

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 201 (Gera et al.)
A. Gera, N. Sikron, J. Cohen and M. Zeidan (2000)
First report of Petunia vein clearing virus in Israel

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 201 (Isakeit et al.)
T. Isakeit, M.E. Miller, L.W. Barnes, E.R. Dickstein and J.B. Jones (2000)
First report of leaf blight of onion caused by Xanthomonas campestris in the continental United States

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 201 (Wilson et al.)
J.P. Wilson, D.E. Hess and K.A. Kumar (2000)
Dactuliophora leaf spot of pearl millet in Niger and Mali

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 201 (Pappu et al.)
H.R. Pappu and P.F. Bertrand (2000)
Outbreak of Potato Y potyvirus and Tobacco mosaic tobamovirus in Georgia's flue-cured tobacco

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 202 (Levy et al.)
L. Levy, V. Damsteegt and R. Welliver (2000)
First report of Plum pox virus (Sharka disease) in Prunus persica in the United States

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 202 (Silva et al.)
W.P.K. Silva, R.L.C. Wijesundera, E.H. Karunanayake, C.K. Jayasinghe and U.M.S. Priyanka (2000)
New hosts of Corynespora cassiicola in Sri Lanka

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 202 (Bouwen et al.)
I. Bouwen and R.A.A. van der Vlugt (2000)
Natural infection of Alstroemeria caryophyllea with Ornithogalum mosaic virus

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 202 (Harrison et al.)
K.J. Harrison, J.E. Hurley, G.R. Warren and G. Laflamme (2000)
Expansion of the European race of Gremmeniella abietina in Newfoundland, Canada

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 203 (Debrunner et al.)
N. Debrunner, A.-L. Rauber, A. Schwarz and V.V. Michel (2000)
First report of St. John's-wort anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides in Switzerland

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 203 (Mathiasen et al.)
R. Mathiasen, J. Melgar, J. Beatty and C. Parks (2000)
First report of Psittacanthus angustifolius on Pinus oocarpa and Pinus maximinoi

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 203 (Pretorius et al.)
Z.A. Pretorius, R.P. Singh, W.W. Wagoire and T.S. Payne (2000)
Detection of virulence to wheat stem rust resistance gene Sr31 in Puccinia graminis. f. sp. tritici in Uganda