Plant Disease (1999) 83 (5)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 1999 and volume (issue): 83 (5)

Plant Disease (1999) 83, 419-422
J.C. Desvignes, D. Cornaggia, N. Grasseau, S. Ambrós and R. Flores (1999)
Pear blister canker viroid: Host range and improved bioassay with two new pear indicators, Fiend 37 and Fiend 110

Plant Disease (1999) 83, 423-428
A.E. Dorrance, D.A. Inglis, M.L. Derie, C.R. Brown, S.B. Goodwin, W.E. Fry and K.L. Deahl (1999)
Characterization of Phytophthora infestans populations in western Washington

Plant Disease (1999) 83, 429-433
Y. Canihos, T.L. Peever and L.W. Timmer (1999)
Temperature, leaf wetness, and isolate effects on infection of Minneola tangelo leaves by Alternaria sp.

Plant Disease (1999) 83, 434-440
A.K. Raymundo, A.M. Briones Jr., E.Y. Ardales, M.T. Perez, L.C. Fernandez, J.E. Leach, T.W. Mew, M.A. Ynalvez, C.G. McLaren and R.J. Nelson (1999)
Analysis of DNA polymorphism and virulence in Philippine strains of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola

Plant Disease (1999) 83, 441-444
Philip B. Hamm and George H. Clough (1999)
Comparison of application methods on deposition and redistribution of chlorothalonil in a potato canopy and potential for control of late blight

Plant Disease (1999) 83, 445-450
P.S. McManus, V.M. Best, R.P. Voland and B.L. Leininger (1999)
Sensitivity of Monilinia oxycocci to fenbuconazole and propiconazole in vitro and control of cranberry cottonball in the field

Plant Disease (1999) 83, 456-461
X.B. Yang, P. Lundeen and M.D. Uphoff (1999)
Soybean varietal response and yield loss caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Plant Disease (1999) 83, 462-464
M.L. Carson (1999)
Vulnerability of US maize germ plasm to phaeosphaeria leaf spot

Plant Disease (1999) 83, 465-468
S. Yoshida and A. Shirata (1999)
Survival of Colletotrichum dematium in soil and infected mulberry leaves

Plant Disease (1999) 83, 469-473
Brendan A. Niemira, William W. Kirk and Jeffrey M. Stein (1999)
Screening for late blight susceptibility in potato tubers by digital analysis of cut tuber surfaces

Plant Disease (1999) 83, 474-481
J.H.M. Schneider, P.H.J.F. Van den Boogert and J.C. Zadoks (1999)
Exploring differential interactions between Rhizoctonia solani AG 2-t isolates and tulip cultivars

Plant Disease (1999) 83, 482-485
Margaret J. Green, Dan A. Thompson and Donald J. MacKenzie (1999)
Easy and efficient DNA extraction from woody plants for the detection of phytoplasmas by polymerase chain reaction

Plant Disease (1999) 83, p. 486 (Banks et al.)
G.K. Banks, I.D. Bedford, F.J. Beitia, E. Rodriguez-Cerezo and P.G. Markham (1999)
A novel geminivirus of Ipomoea indica (Convolvulacae) from southern Spain

Plant Disease (1999) 83, p. 486 (Yuki et al.)
V.A. Yuki, J.A.M. Rezende, E.W. Kitajima, P.A.V. Barroso, H. Kuniyuki, G.A. Groppo and M.A. Pavan (1999)
Cayaponia tibiricae: New host of Zucchini yellow mosaic virus in Brazil

Plant Disease (1999) 83, p. 486 (Costa et al.)
J.L. da S. Costa and V.C. de Oliveira (1999)
Occurrence of smut caused by a Ustilago sp. on dry-beans

Plant Disease (1999) 83, p. 487 (Momol et al.)
M.T. Momol, G.W. Simone, W. Dankers, R.K. Sprenkel, S.M. Olson, E.A. Momol, J.E. Polston and E. Hiebert (1999)
First report of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus in tomato in South Georgia

Plant Disease (1999) 83, p. 487 (Baird et al.)
R.E. Baird and J.H. Brock (1999)
First report of Macrophomina phaseolina on cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) in Georgia

Plant Disease (1999) 83, p. 487 (Corazza et al.)
L. Corazza, L. Luongo and M. Parisi (1999)
First report of leaf spot caused by Alternaria alternata on kiwifruit in Italy

Plant Disease (1999) 83, p. 487 (Nesbitt et al.)
R.B. Nesbitt, T.E. Tidwell, R.J. Stipes and G.J. Griffin (1999)
First report of mimosa wilt disease of silk tree (Albizia julibrissin) in California caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. perniciosum

Plant Disease (1999) 83, p. 488 (Bains et al.)
P.S. Bains, H. Bennypaul and M. Mirza (1999)
First report of powdery mildew of greenhouse-grown tomatoes in Alberta, Canada

Plant Disease (1999) 83, p. 488 (Peters et al.)
R.D. Peters, M.E. Lee, C.R. Grau, S.J. Driscoll, R.M. Winberg, N.C. Kurtzweil, L.A. Lukaesko and I.-M. Lee (1999)
First report of aster yellows phytoplasma in alfalfa

Plant Disease (1999) 83, p. 488 (Bem et al.)
F. Bem, C. Varveri, I. Eleftheriadis and D. Karafyllidis (1999)
First report of occurrence of potato tuber necrotic ringspot disease in Greece