Plant Disease (1998) 82 (7)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 1998 and volume (issue): 82 (7)

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 727-731
Steven T. Koike, Diana M. Henderson, Hamid R. Azad, Donald A. Cooksey and E.L. Little (1998)
Bacterial blight of broccoli raab: A new disease caused by a pathovar of Pseudomonas syringae

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 732-737
W. Uddin, K.L. Stevenson, R.A. Pardo-Schultheiss and S.A. Rehner (1998)
Pathogenic and molecular characterization of three Phomopsis isolates from peach, plum, and Asian pear

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 738-740
Robert P. Doss, Stephen L. Clement, Srey-Reath Kuy and Ronald E. Welty (1998)
A PCR-based technique for detection of Neotyphodium endophytes in diverse accessions of tall fescue

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 741-746
Gary G. Grove (1998)
Meteorological factors affecting airborne conidia concentrations and the latent period of Podosphaera clandestina on sweet cherry

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 747-751
R.P. Thakur, B. Pushpavathi and V.P. Rao (1998)
Virulence characterization of single-zoospore isolates of Sclerospora graminicola from pearl millet

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 752-756
R.D. Gitaitis, C.C. Dowler and R.B. Chalfant (1998)
Epidemiology of tomato spotted wilt in pepper and tomato in Southern Georgia

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 757-760
G. Bigirwa, E. Adipala and J.P. Esele (1998)
Occurrence of Peronosclerospora sorghi in Uganda

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 761-764
Arne Stensvand, Terje Amundsen, Lars Semb, David M. Gadoury and Robert C. Seem (1998)
Discharge and dissemination of ascospores by Venturia inaequalis during dew

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 765-770
A.G. Gillaspie Jr., H.R. Pappu, R.K. Jain, M.E.C. Rey, M.S. Hopkins, D.L. Pinnow and J.B. Morris (1998)
Characteristics of a latent potyvirus seedborne in guar and of guar green-sterile virus

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 771-774
J.H. Baird, D.L. Martin, C.M. Taliaferro, M.E. Payton and N.A. Tisserat (1998)
Bermudagrass resistance to spring dead spot caused by Ophiosphaerella herpotricha

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 775-780
C.C. Block, J.H. Hill and D.C. McGee (1998)
Seed transmission of Pantoea stewartii in field and sweet corn

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 781-784
B.C. Flett, N.W. McLaren and F.C. Wehner (1998)
Incidence of ear rot pathogens under alternating corn tillage practices

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 785-790
Vera L.A. Marinho, J. Kummert, G. Rufflard, D. Colinet and P. Lepoivre (1998)
Detection of Apple stem grooving virus in dormant apple trees with crude extracts as templates for one-step RT-PCR

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 791-793
S.D. Singh and B.S. Talukdar (1998)
Inheritance of complete resistance to pearl millet downy mildew

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 794-799
F. Sahin and S.A. Miller (1998)
Resistance in Capsicum pubescens to Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria pepper race 6

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 800-806
H. Fukui, A.M. Alvarez and R. Fukui (1998)
Differential susceptibility of Anthurium cultivars to bacterial blight in foliar and systemic infection phases

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 807-810
A.G. Gillaspie Jr., M.S. Hopkins, D.L. Pinnow and R.L. Jordan (1998)
Characteristics of a potyvirus of the Bean yellow mosaic virus subgroup in Sesbania speciosa germ plasm

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 811-818
Gregory A. Forbes, Stephen B. Goodwin, André Drenth, Pedro Oyarzun, Maria Eugenia Ordoñez and William E. Fry (1998)
A global marker database for Phytophthora infestans

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 819-825
T.A. Coutinho, M.J. Wingfield, A.C. Alfenas and P.W. Crous (1998)
Eucalyptus rust: A disease with the potential for serious international implications

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 826-829
D.D. Hoffman, G.L. Hartman, D.S. Mueller, R.A. Leitz, C.D. Nickell and W.L. Pedersen (1998)
Yield and seed quality of soybean cultivars infected with Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Plant Disease (1998) 82, p. 830a (Kaiser et al.)
W.J. Kaiser, F.J. Muehlbauer, R.M. Hannan and M. Mihov (1998)
First report of natural infection of Pisum sativum subsp. elatius by Mycosphaerella pinodes in Bulgaria

Plant Disease (1998) 82, p. 830 (Ribeiro et al.)
S.G. Ribeiro, A.C. de Ávila, I.C. Bezerra, J.J. Fernandes, J.C. Faria, M.F. Lima, R.L. Gilbertson, E. Maciel-Zambolim and F.M. Zerbini (1998)
Widespread occurrence of tomato geminiviruses in Brazil, associated with the new biotype of the whitefly vector

Plant Disease (1998) 82, p. 830 (Kaiser et al.)
W.J. Kaiser, R.M. Hannan, F.J. Muehlbauer and M. Mihov (1998)
First report of Ascochyta blight of Cicer montbretii, a wild perennial chickpea in Bulgaria

Plant Disease (1998) 82, p. 831 (Chellemi et al.)
D.O. Chellemi, H.A. Dankers, K. Hill, R.E. Cullen, G.W. Simone, M.D. Gooch and J.E. Allingham (1998)
Occurrence of bacterial stem rot, caused by Erwinia chrysanthemi, on field-grown tomato in Florida

Plant Disease (1998) 82, p. 831 (Stanghellini et al.)
M.E. Stanghellini, D.H. Kim, J. Rakocy, K. Gloger and H. Klinton (1998)
First report of root rot of hydroponically grown lettuce caused by Pythium myriotylum in a commercial production facility

Plant Disease (1998) 82, p. 831 (Briere et al.)
S.C. Briere and G.D. Franc (1998)
First report of leaf and stem rust caused by Puccinia sherardiana on Sphaeralcea grossulariaefolia in North America and S. munroana in Wyoming

Plant Disease (1998) 82, p. 831 (Koike)
S.T. Koike (1998)
Severe outbreak of chocolate spot of fava bean, caused by Botrytis fabae, in California

Plant Disease (1998) 82, p. 832 (Johnson et al.)
S.B. Johnson, M.D. Kleinhenz, J.D. Dwyer, T. Griffin, O.M. Olanya, D.H. Lambert and G.A. Porter (1998)
First report of white mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) on soybean in Maine

Plant Disease (1998) 82, p. 832 (Littlefield et al.)
L.J. Littlefield, W.L. Bruckart, D.G. Luster, P.W. Pratt and V.L. Scogin (1998)
First report of musk thistle rust (Puccinia carduorum) in Oklahoma

Plant Disease (1998) 82, p. 832 (Edmunds et al.)
J.I. Edmunds, D.J. Miller and D.L. Stuteville (1998)
Powdery mildew caused by an Oidium sp. in alfalfa in Wisconsin

Plant Disease (1998) 82, p. 832 (Gonzalez et al.)
T.G. Gonzalez, D.M. Henderson and S.T. Koike (1998)
First report of bell pepper (Capsicum annuum) as a host of Sclerotinia minor in California