Plant Disease (1997) 81 (8)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 1997 and volume (issue): 81 (8)

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 836-846
Rosemary Loria, Raghida A. Bukhalid, Barbara A. Fry and Russell R. King (1997)
Plant pathogenicity in the genus Streptomyces

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 847-850
D.J. Norman, J.M.F. Yuen and N.C. Hodge (1997)
New disease on ornamental asparagus caused by Xanthomonas campestris in Florida

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 851-854
G.C. Schutte, K.V. Beeton and J.M. Kotzé (1997)
Rind stippling on Valencia oranges by copper fungicides used for control of citrus black spot in South Africa

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 855-861
K.V. Kommineni and D.C. Ramsdell (1997)
An anatomical study of prune brown line disease and immuno-localization of Tomato ringspot virus in plum bark

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 862-866
C. Marcone, A. Ragozzino and E. Seemüller (1997)
Detection of Bermuda grass white leaf disease in Italy and characterization of the associated phytoplasma by RFLP analysis

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 867-872
J.M. Wells and J.E. Butterfield (1997)
Salmonella contamination associated with bacterial soft rot of fresh fruits and vegetables in the marketplace

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 873-879
Karen A. Plumley, Ann B. Gould and Bruce B. Clarke (1997)
Impact of temperature, osmotic potential, and osmoregulant on the growth of three ectotrophic root-infecting fungi of Kentucky bluegrass

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 880-884
J.P. Fernández-Trujillo, M.C. Salmerón and F. Artés (1997)
Effect of intermittent warming and modified atmosphere packaging on fungal growth in peaches

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 885-891
Donald R. Sumner, Ronald D. Gitaitis, J. Danny Gay, Doyle A. Smittle, Bryan W. Maw, Ernest W. Tollner and Yen Con Hung (1997)
Control of soilborne pathogenic fungi in fields of sweet onion

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 892-896
E.L. Little, S.T. Koike and R.L. Gilbertson (1997)
Bacterial leaf spot of celery in California: Etiology, epidemiology, and role of contaminated seed

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 897-900
R. Gitaitis, D. Sumner, D. Gay, D. Smittle, G. McDonald, B. Maw, W.C. Johnson III, B. Tollner and Y. Hung (1997)
Bacterial streak and bulb rot of onion: I. A diagnostic medium for the semiselective isolation and enumeration of Pseudomonas viridiflava

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 901-904
Claudia Goyer and Carole Beaulieu (1997)
Host range of streptomycete strains causing common scab

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 905-910
Heather J. Scheck, Marilyn L. Canfield, Jay W. Pscheidt and Larry W. Moore (1997)
Rapid evaluation of pathogenicity in Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae with a lilac tissue culture bioassay and syringomycin DNA probes

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 911-916
Thomas V. Orum, Donna M. Bigelow, Merritt R. Nelson, Donald R. Howell and Peter J. Cotty (1997)
Spatial and temporal patterns of Aspergillus flavus strain composition and propagule density in Yuma County, Arizona, soils

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 917-921
P.D. Roberts, R.D. Berger, J.B. Jones, C.K. Chandler and R.E. Stall (1997)
Disease progress, yield loss, and control of Xanthomonas fragariae on strawberry plants

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 922-926
Paolo Cortesi, M. Bisiach, M. Ricciolini and David M. Gadoury (1997)
Cleistothecia of Uncinula necator - an additional source of inoculum in Italian vineyards

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 927-931
K.L. Bowen, A.K. Hagan and J.R. Weeks (1997)
Number of tebuconazole applications for maximizing disease control and yield of peanut in growers' fields in Alabama

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 932-935
J.L. Smilanick, W. Hershberger, M.R. Bonde and S.E. Nester (1997)
Germinability of teliospores of Tilletia indica after hot water and sodium hypochlorite treatments

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 936-941
Stephanie S. Garr, Carolyn Hughes, Jacqueline Welch, Scott A. Brown and Michael H. Perlin (1997)
Correlation of haplotypes of a fungal plant pathogen with their respective host species of origin

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 942-945
William J. Otrosina, Nolan J. Hess, Stanley J. Zarnoch, Thelma J. Perry and John P. Jones (1997)
Blue-stain fungi associated with roots of southern pine trees attacked by the southern pine beetle, Dendroctonus frontalis

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 946-952
Anthony P. Keinath and Mark W. Farnham (1997)
Differential cultivars and criteria for evaluating resistance to Rhizoctonia solani in seedling Brassica oleracea

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 953-956
M.S. Bachman, C.D. Nickell, P.A. Stephens and A.D. Nickell (1997)
Brown stem rot resistance in soybean germ plasm from central China

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 957 (Guerrero et al.)
Cosme Guerrero, E.L. Nigh Jr., M.E. Stanghellini and W. Elmer (1997)
Incidence of Fusarium spp. in asparagus spears

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 957 (Bedendo et al.)
I.P. Bedendo, R.E. Davis and E.L. Dally (1997)
Molecular evidence for the presence of Maize bushy stunt phytoplasma in corn in Brazil

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 957 (Comstock et al.)
J.C. Comstock and T.E. Mirkov (1997)
Outbreak of sugarcane mosaic in commercial sugarcane cultivar CP 72-2086, in Florida

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 958 (de Klerk et al.)
A. de Klerk, A. McLeod, R. Faurie and P.S. van Wyk (1997)
Net blotch and necrotic warts caused by Streptomyces scabies on pods of peanut (Arachis hypogaea)

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 958 (Fernandez-Trujillo et al.)
J.P. Fernández-Trujillo, J.A. Martínez, M.C. Salmerón and F. Artés (1997)
Isolation of Acremonium species causing postharvest decay of peaches in Spain

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 959 (Frederickson et al.)
D.E. Frederickson, E.S. Monyo, S.B. King and G.N. Odvody (1997)
A disease of pearl millet in Zimbabwe caused by Pantoea agglomerans

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 959 (Bellardi et al.)
M.G. Bellardi and C. Rubies-Autonell (1997)
First report of broad bean wilt fabavirus on Polygonum fagopyrum

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 959 (Kline et al.)
A.S. Kline and E.J. Anderson (1997)
First report of cowpea aphid-borne mosaic potyvirus from cowpeas grown commercially in the U.S.

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 959 (Koike et al.)
S.T. Koike, D.M. Henderson, J.D. MacDonald and M.S. Ali-Shtayeh (1997)
Phytophthora root and crown rot of sage caused by Phytophthora cryptogea in California

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 960 (Infantino et al.)
A. Infantino, G. Di Giambattista and S. Socciarelli (1997)
First report of Sclerotium rolfsii on sunflower in Italy

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 960 (McMillan Jr. et al.)
R.T. McMillan Jr., W.R. Graves and R.M. Leahy (1997)
First report of aristastoma leaf spot on desert rose

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 960 (Tzavella-Klonari et al.)
K. Tzavella-Klonari, M.D. Aggelaki and D.A. Karadimos (1997)
First report of anthracnose on weeping willow in Greece

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 960 (Thinggaard et al.)
K. Thinggaard and B. Toppe (1997)
First report of Phytophthora cinnamomi root rot, stem, and leaf blight on ivy