Plant Disease (1997) 81 (3)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 1997 and volume (issue): 81 (3)

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 236-244
P.M. Phipps, S.H. Deck and D.R. Walker (1997)
Weather-based crop and disease advisories for peanuts in Virginia

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 245-249
Carol E. Windels, Rita A. Kuznia and Jack Call (1997)
Characterization and pathogenicity of Thanatephorus cucumeris from sugar beet in Minnesota

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 250-253
T. Mahmood, G.L. Hein and R.C. French (1997)
Development of serological procedures for rapid and reliable detection of Wheat streak mosaic virus in a single wheat curl mite

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 254-258
B. Schneider and K.S. Gibb (1997)
Detection of phytoplasmas in declining pears in southern Australia

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 259-266
B.K.W. Roy (1997)
Fusarium solani on soybean roots: Nomenclature of the causal agent of sudden death syndrome and identity and relevance of F. solani form

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 267-271
J.A. Kolmer (1997)
Virulence in Puccinia recondita f. sp. tritici isolates from Canada to genes for adult-plant resistance to wheat leaf rust

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 272-276
S.K. Parker, F.W. Nutter Jr. and M.L. Gleason (1997)
Directional spread of septoria leaf spot in tomato rows

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 277-282
P.E. Lipps, R.C. Pratt and J.J. Hakiza (1997)
Interaction of Ht and partial resistance to Exserohilum turcicum in maize

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 283-287
C. Cabaleiro and A. Segura (1997)
Field transmission of grapevine leafroll associated virus 3 (GLRaV-3) by the mealybug Planococcus citri

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 288-292
Urszula Smolinska, G.R. Knudsen, M.J. Morra and V. Borek (1997)
Inhibition of Aphanomyces euteiches f. sp. pisi by volatiles produced by hydrolysis of Brassica napus seed meal

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 293-297
H.L. Ypema, M. Ypema and W.D. Gubler (1997)
Sensitivity of Uncinula necator to benomyl, triadimefon, myclobutanil, and fenarimol in California

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 298-300
J.Y. Uchida and M. Aragaki (1997)
Comparative morphology and pathology of Calonectria theae and C. colhounii in Hawaii

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 301-305
Seiichi Okuda, James P. Prince, Robert E. Davis, Ellen L. Dally, Ing-Ming Lee, Bradley Mogen and Shosuke Kato (1997)
Two groups of phytoplasmas from Japan distinguished on the basis of amplification and restriction analysis of 16S rDNA

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 306-310
D.V. McVey, D.L. Long and J.J. Roberts (1997)
Races of Puccinia graminis in the United States during 1995

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 311 (Stanosz et al.)
G.R. Stanosz and D.L. Kimbler (1997)
Shoot blight of lodgepole pine seedlings in Nebraska caused by Sphaeropsis sapinea

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 311 (Chang et al.)
K.F. Chang, R.J. Howard, R.G. Gaudiel and S.F. Hwang (1997)
First report of stevia as a host of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 311 (Oyarzun et al.)
P.J. Oyarzun, M.E. Ordoñes, G.A. Forbes and W.E. Fry (1997)
First report of Phytophthora infestans A2 mating type in Ecuador

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 312 (Guzman et al.)
P. Guzman, C.R. Arredondo, D. Emmatty, R.J. Portillo and R.L. Gilbertson (1997)
Partial characterization of two whitefly-transmitted geminiviruses infecting tomatoes in Venezuela

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 312 (Velasquez-Valle et al.)
R. Velasquez-Valle, H.F. Schwartz and J.M. Díaz-Mínguez (1997)
Pathogenicity of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. phaseoli isolates from Spain to Phaseolus vulgaris