Plant Disease (1997) 81 (11)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 1997 and volume (issue): 81 (11)

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1220-1230
Margery L. Daughtrey, Ronald K. Jones, James W. Moyer, Margaret E. Daub and James R. Baker (1997)
Tospoviruses strike the greenhouse industry: INSV has become a major pathogen of flower crops

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1231-1235
M. Ravelonandro, R. Scorza, J.C. Bachelier, G. Labonne, L. Levy, V. Damsteegt, A.M. Callahan and J. Dunez (1997)
Resistance of transgenic Prunus domestica to Plum pox virus infection

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1236-1240
Antonia R. Figueira, Leslie L. Domier and Cleora J. D'Arcy (1997)
Comparison of techniques for detection of Barley yellow dwarf virus-PAV-IL

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1241-1246
Alberto Bianchi, Alessandra Zambonelli, Aldo Zechini D'Aulerio and Franco Bellesia (1997)
Ultrastructural studies of the effects of Allium sativum on phytopathogenic fungi in vitro

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1247-1250
Zhi Yin and J.W. Hoy (1997)
Effect of stalk desiccation on sugarcane red rot

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1251-1258
Marcia E. Roye, Wayne A. McLaughlin, Medhat K. Nakhla and Douglas P. Maxwell (1997)
Genetic diversity among geminiviruses associated with the weed species Sida spp., Macroptilium lathyroides, and Wissadula amplissima from Jamaica

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1259-1263
L.L. Burpee (1997)
Control of dollar spot of creeping bentgrass caused by an isolate of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa resistant to benzimidazole and demethylation-inhibitor fungicides

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1264-1268
S. Pivonia, R. Cohen, U. Kafkafi, I.S. Ben Ze'ev and J. Katan (1997)
Sudden wilt of melons in southern Israel: Fungal agents and relationship with plant development

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1269-1274
Shawn R. Carlson, MaryAnne F. Wolff, H.D. Shew and E.A. Wernsman (1997)
Inheritance of resistance to race 0 of Phytophthora parasitica var. nicotianae from the flue-cured tobacco cultivar Coker 371-Gold

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1275-1278
M. Valjavec-Gratian and B.J. Steffenson (1997)
Pathotypes of Cochliobolus sativus on barley in North Dakota

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1279-1283
E.A. Milus and D.B. Chalkley (1997)
Effect of previous crop, seedborne inoculum, and fungicides on development of Stagonospora blotch

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1284-1287
W.J. Kaiser and I. Küsmenoglu (1997)
Distribution of mating types and the teleomorph of Ascochyta rabiei on chickpea in Turkey

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1288-1292
R. Credi (1997)
Characterization of grapevine rugose wood disease sources from Italy

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1293-1298
J.K. Pataky, L.J. du Toit and M.R. Kerns (1997)
Bacterial leaf blight on shrunken-2 sweet corn

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1299-1304
J.L. Smilanick, I.F. Michael, M.F. Mansour, B.E. Mackey, D.A. Margosan, D. Flores and C.F. Weist (1997)
Improved control of green mold of citrus with imazalil in warm water compared with its use in wax

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1305-1310
T.R. Gottwald, J.H. Graham and T.D. Riley (1997)
The influence of spray adjuvants on exacerbation of citrus bacterial spot

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1311-1316
Peter E. Thomas, Keith S. Pike and Gary L. Reed (1997)
Role of green peach aphid flights in the epidemiology of potato leaf roll disease in the Columbia Basin

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1317-1322
Päivi Lindholm, Hanna Kortemaa, Mirkka Kokkola, Kielo Haahtela, Mirja Salkinoja-Salonen and Jari P.T. Valkonen (1997)
Streptomyces spp. isolated from potato scab lesions under nordic conditions in Finland

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1323-1327
M. Sétamou, K.F. Cardwell, F. Schulthess and K. Hell (1997)
Aspergillus flavus infection and aflatoxin contamination of preharvest maize in Benin

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 1328-1330
J.G. Menzies, J. Nielsen and P.L. Thomas (1997)
Long-term storage of Ustilago tritici

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1331 (Abou-Jawdah et al.)
Y. Abou-Jawdah, H. Sobh and A. Fayyad (1997)
First report of cucurbit aphid-borne yellows luteovirus in Lebanon

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1331 (Fisher et al.)
J.R. Fisher, M.-C. Sanchez-Cuevas, S.T. Nameth, V.L. Woods and C.W. Ellett (1997)
First report of Cucumber mosaic virus in Eryngium amethystinum, Canna spp., and Aquilegia hybrids in Ohio

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1331 (Koike)
S.T. Koike (1997)
First report of gummy stem blight, caused by Didymella bryoniae, on watermelon transplants in California

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1331 (Yu et al.)
Q. Yu, J.W. Potter and G.A. Gilby (1997)
First report of Pratylenchus fallax on turfgrass in Ontario

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1332 (Tejerina et al.)
J.C. Tejerina, G. Meriles, R.H. Stover, R.C. Ploetz and S. Romanoff (1997)
First report of Black Sigatoka in Bolivia

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1332 (Cedeno et al.)
L. Cedeño and C. Carrero (1997)
First report of tomato gray leaf spot caused by Stemphylium solani in the Andes region of Venezuela

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1332 (Msikita et al.)
W. Msikita, J.S. Yaninek, M. Ahounou, H. Baimey and R. Fagbemissi (1997)
First report of Nattrassia mangiferae root and stem rot of cassava in West Africa

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1333 (O'Mara et al.)
J. O'Mara and N. Tisserat (1997)
A vascular wilt of fragrant sumac caused by Fusarium oxysporum

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1333 (Nameth et al.)
S.T. Nameth and J. Steininger (1997)
Cucumber mosaic virus associated with leaf malformation and stunting in Adiantum pedatum

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1333 (Zazzerini et al.)
A. Zazzerini, L. Tosi and P.M. Vicente (1997)
First report of root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) on sunflowers in Mozambique

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1333 (El-Gholl et al.)
N.E. El-Gholl, T.S. Schubert, S.E. Walker and J.K. Stone (1997)
Expanded range of Cylindrocladium colhounii in the United States

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1334 (Sahin et al.)
F. Sahin and S.A. Miller (1997)
A new pathotype of Xanthomonas campestris pv. armoraciae that causes bacterial leaf spot of radish

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1334 (Guerber et al.)
J.C. Guerber and J.C. Correll (1997)
The first report of the teleomorph of Colletotrichum acutatum in the United States

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1334 (McGovern et al.)
R.J. McGovern, J.E. Polston and B.K. Harbaugh (1997)
Detection of a severe isolate of Impatiens necrotic spot virus infecting lisianthus in Florida

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1334 (Koike)
S.T. Koike (1997)
Occurrence of stem and crown rot of Gaillardia grandiflora, caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, in California

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1335 (Gauhl et al.)
F. Gauhl, C. Pasberg-Gauhl and J. d'A. Hughes (1997)
First report of banana streak badnavirus in plantain landraces in southern Cameroon, Central Africa

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 1335 (Alderman et al.)
S.C. Alderman, W.F. Pfender, R.E. Welty, M.E. Mellbye, R.L. Cook, J.W. Spatafora and M. Putnam (1997)
First report of choke, caused by Epichloe typhina, on orchardgrass in Oregon