Plant Biotechnology Journal (2009)

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Articles of Plant Biotechnology Journal entered for 2009:

Plant Biotechnology Journal (2009) 7, 24-32
Takumi Shimizu, Motoyasu Yoshii, Taiyun Wei, Hirohiko Hirochika and Toshihiro Omura (2009)
Silencing by RNAi of the gene for Pns12, a viroplasm matrix protein of Rice dwarf virus, results in strong resistance of transgenic rice plants to the virus
Plant Biotechnology Journal 7 (1),  p. 24

Plant Biotechnology Journal (2009) 7, 49-58
Gabriela Dujovny, Adrián Valli, María Calvo and Juan Antonio García (2009)
A temperature-controlled amplicon system derived from Plum pox potyvirus
Plant Biotechnology Journal 7 (1),  p. 49

Plant Biotechnology Journal (2009) 7, 487-498
Radi Aly, Hila Cholakh, Daniel M. Joel, Diana Leibman, Benjamin Steinitz, Aaron Zelcer, Anna Naglis, Oded Yarden and Amit Gal-On (2009)
Gene silencing of mannose 6-phosphate reductase in the parasitic weed Orobanche aegyptiaca through the production of homologous dsRNA sequences in the host plant
Plant Biotechnology Journal 7 (6),  p. 487

Plant Biotechnology Journal (2009) 7, 645-656
Michael Meissle and Jörg Romeis (2009)
The web-building spider Theridion impressum (Araneae: Theridiidae) is not adversely affected by Bt maize resistant to corn rootworms
Plant Biotechnology Journal 7 (7),  p. 645

Plant Biotechnology Journal (2009) 7, 719-732
Alexandre Foito, Stephen L. Byrne, Tom Shepherd, Derek Stewart and Susanne Barth (2009)
Transcriptional and metabolic profiles of Lolium perenne L. genotypes in response to a PEG-induced water stress
Plant Biotechnology Journal 7 (8),  p. 719

Plant Biotechnology Journal (2009) 7, 763-777
Yayun Yang, Huijuan Zhang, Guojun Li, Wei Li, Xiao'e Wang and Fengming Song (2009)
Ectopic expression of MgSM1, a Cerato-platanin family protein from Magnaporthe grisea, confers broad-spectrum disease resistance in Arabidopsis
Plant Biotechnology Journal 7 (8),  p. 763

Plant Biotechnology Journal (2009) 7, 807-820
Ian Cummins, David N. Bryant and Robert Edwards (2009)
Safener responsiveness and multiple herbicide resistance in the weed black-grass (Alopecurus myosuroides)
Plant Biotechnology Journal 7 (8),  p. 807