Piper yellow mottle virus

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symptoms of yellow mottle disease in black pepper (Piper) caused by a badnavirus
Author(s): A.I. Bhat, ICAR-IISR, Kozhikode, India
Source: Viruses, 2016, vol. 8 (6) no. 177

Piper yellow mottle virus (PYMoV)

The virus infects black pepper (Piper nigrum) and betel pepper (Piper betle) in tropical parts of Asia. The symptoms consist of chlorotic mottling, vein clearing and leaf distortion. Infections result in reduced yield. Transmission is often by cuttings as black pepper is usually propagated vegetatively. The virus can be also transmitted through seeds and sucking insects like mealybugs (e.g. Planococcus citri and Ferrisia virgata) or the black pepper lace bug (Diconocoris distanti).

The genome consists of 7,559 to 7,622 nucleotides in the 3 strains so far sequenced and has 4 open reading frames.