Phytoprotection (2001) 82, 65-71

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S.D. Bishop, R. F. Smith, C. Vincent, H. Goulet, J. Huber, G. Gibson, M. J. Sharkey and J. H. Borden (2001)
Hymenopterous parasites associated with Phyllonorycter blancardella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) in Nova Scotia and Quebec
Phytoprotection 82 (2), 65-71
Abstract: Mined leaves were collected in commercial and unsprayed apple orchards of Quebec and Nova Scotia to determine the diversity of parasites of the spotted tentiform leafminer, Phyllonorycter blancardella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae). In Quebec 29 species of leafminer parasites were recovered, belonging to the families Aphelinidae, Braconidae, Chalcidae, Eulophidae, Ichneumonidae, Pteromalidae and Scelionidae. The most prevalent species were Pholetesor ornigis (67 %), Sympiesis marylandensis (11 %), Sympiesis sericeicornis (7 %), Pnigalio maculipes (1.5 %), Tetrasticus spp. (1.2 %) while all other species accounted for < 1.0 %. Pholetesor pedias, a braconid released in 1983 at Frelighsburgh, Quebec, was not found in this survey. In Nova Scotia 19 parasite species were recovered, belonging to the families Braconidae, Encyrtidae, Eulophidae, Ichneumonidae and Pteromalidae. Among the the most prevalent species were: Pholetesor ornigis (52 %), Pnigalio maculipes (14 %), Sympiesis sericeicornis (12 %), Sympiesis marylandensis (9.5 %), Sympiesis spp. (5 %), Horismenus fraternus (1.8 %), Paraleurocerus sp. (1.3 %), Stictopisthus flaviceps (1.1 %), while all other species accounted for < 1 %. New records for North America for the spotted tentiform leafminer as a host are: Sticopisthus bilineatus, S. flaviceps, Euderis sp., Pnigalio epilobii, P. pallipes and Paraleurocerus bicoloripes.
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Phyllonorycter blancardella Apple (Malus) Canada (east)
Pholetesor ornigis (parasitoid) Phyllonorycter blancardella Apple (Malus) Canada (east)
Sympiesis gordius (parasitoid) Phyllonorycter blancardella Apple (Malus) Canada (east)
Sympiesis sericeicornis (parasitoid) Phyllonorycter blancardella Apple (Malus) Canada (east)
Pnigalio maculipes (parasitoid) Phyllonorycter blancardella Apple (Malus) Canada (east)
Horismenus fraternus (parasitoid) Phyllonorycter blancardella Apple (Malus) Canada (east)