Phytophthora pinifolia

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symptoms of Phytophthora pinifolia infection on Pinus radiata in the Valdivian region of Chile (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): T. Jung and A. Durán
Source: Persoonia 2018, vol. 40, p. 209

Phytophthora pinifolia A. Durán, Gryzenh. & M.J. Wingf. 2008

This oomycete is found in Chile, where it causes needle cast and defoliation on Pinus radiata. It has not been reported from other countries. Heavy infections can lead to tree death, especially in young trees. P. radiata has a natural distribution along the western coasts of North and South America, but is widely planted in other regions. Therefore, the disease is of quarantine concern to those regions.

In Chile, the disease is called "daño foliar del pino". It was first found in a small area in 2004, but subsequently expanded its distribution, in particular during years of high humidity. It has affected around 2,000 ha of pine stands during most years.

Needles infected by P. pinifolia show pale-green to greyish sections with a characteristic black band (white arrow at lower right in illustration). The pathogen forms sporangia after the infected needles have dropped to the ground and appreas to spread mainly through rain splashes.

For a review of this species see Jung et al. (2018).