Phytopathology (2018) 108, 424-435

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Ryan A. Blaustein, Graciela L. Lorca and Max Teplitski (2018)
Challenges for managing Candidatus Liberibacter spp. (huanglongbing disease pathogen): current control measures and future directions
Phytopathology 108 (4), 424-435
Abstract: Huanglongbing (HLB; "citrus greening" disease) has caused significant damages to the global citrus industry as it has become well established in leading citrus-producing regions and continues to spread worldwide. Insecticidal control has been a critical component of HLB disease management, as there is a direct relationship between vector control and Candidatus Liberibacter spp. (i.e., the HLB pathogen) titer in HLB-infected citrus trees. In recent years, there have been substantial efforts to develop practical strategies for specifically managing Ca. Liberibacter spp.; however, a literature review on the outcomes of such attempts is still lacking. This work summarizes the greenhouse and field studies that have documented the effects and implications of chemical-based treatments (i.e., applications of broad-spectrum antibiotics, small molecule compounds) and nonchemical measures (i.e., applications of plant-beneficial compounds, applications of inorganic fertilizers, biological control, thermotherapy) for phytopathogen control. The ongoing challenges associated with mitigating Ca. Liberibacter spp. populations at the field-scale, such as the seasonality of the phytopathogen and associated HLB disease symptoms, limitations for therapeutics to contact the phytopathogen in planta, adverse impacts of broad-spectrum treatments on plant-beneficial microbiota, and potential implications on public and ecosystem health, are also discussed.
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