Phytopathology (2018) 108, 1224-1236

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Zheng Zheng, Jianchi Chen and Xiaoling Deng (2018)
Historical perspectives, management, and current research of citrus HLB in Guangdong Province of China, where the disease has been endemic for over a hundred years
Phytopathology 108 (11), 1224-1236
Abstract: Citrus huanglongbing (HLB) is a highly destructive disease currently threatening citrus production worldwide. In China, the disease is exclusively associated with ' Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus', a nonculturable proteobacterium. HLB was observed in Guangdong of China over a hundred years ago. Researchers and citrus growers have been battling with the disease through vigorous research and have exercised various control practices. Much of the early work was not well known outside China. This review is intended to fill in gaps of historical information by reviewing selected literature records. Along the way, the HLB system within southern China was evaluated. Emphases were on comparison of symptomatology, evolution of etiology, control practices, and impacts of using next-generation sequencing technology for ' Ca. L. asiaticus' research and detection.
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