Phytopathology (2000) 90, 677-682

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Luc Vauterin, Jan Rademaker and Jean Swings (2000)
Synopsis on the taxonomy of the genus Xanthomonas
Phytopathology 90 (7), 677-682
Abstract: The genus Xanthomonas exhibits a high phytopathogenic diversity in contrast to a phenotypic uniformity, which has hampered the genesis of a stable classification for a long time. In past decades, a large number of Xanthomonas strains have been characterized by a variety of phenotypic and genotypic methods in a multitude of studies. Extensive DNA hybridization studies and repetitive sequence-based polymerase chain reaction and amplified fragment length polymorphism genomic fingerprinting have clearly revealed the genomic diversity and relationships within the genus. A review of the current classification of the genus Xanthomonas based on the synopsis of these studies is given here.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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