Phytopathology (1996) 86, p. S87 (Slippers et al.)

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B. Slippers, M.J. Wingfield, T.A. Coutinho, B.D. Wingfield and G. Tribe (1996)
The Amylostereum symbiont of Sirex noctilio in South Africa
Phytopathology 86 (11 suppl.), S87-S87
Abstract: Sirex noctilio, a destructive wasp infesting exotic conifers in the southern hemisphere, has recently been introduced into South Africa. Favourable bioclimatic conditions and the importance of Pinus radiata as a softwood source, identifies South Africa as a high risk area in terms of this pest. The aim of the study was to confirm the identity of the mutualistic fungal symbiont of the wasp in this country. A large number of cultures were obtained from infected wood and mycangia of female wasps. These were compared with known isolates from international culture collections and isolates from Australia. The identity of the fungus was confirmed as being Amylostereum aerolatum Boiden. Biological control of S. noctilio using the infectious nematode Deladenus siridicola, which also feeds on the fungus, has recently been implemented. We are now examining the population diversity of A. aerolatum in order to evaluate the potential impact that this control strategy may have.
Database assignments for author(s): Bernard Slippers, Brenda D. Wingfield, Michael J. Wingfield, Teresa A. Coutinho

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general biology - morphology - evolution
biocontrol - natural enemies
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general biology - morphology - evolution

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Sirex noctilio South Africa
Deladenus siricidicola (entomopathogen) Sirex noctilio South Africa