Phytopathology (1996) 86, p. S12 (Termorshuizen)

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A.J. Termorshuizen (1996)
Comparison of existing methods to detect microsclerotia of Verticillium dahliae in soil
Phytopathology 86 (11 suppl.), S12-S12
Abstract: Assays to quantify microsclerotia of Verticillium dahliae in soil were compared among 13 participants from 7 countries. Each of the participants analyzed 72 soil subsamples, originating from 12 soil samples. Subsamples were coded with a random number. A control to check whether transport of the samples influenced the results was included. The participants provided the results on the densities of V. dahliae in soil accompanied by data on the soil analysis and details of the detection method. In most cases it was clear that transport of the soil samples had not affected the viability of the microsclerotia. The results differed considerably among the participants, with a 500-fold difference between participants with the lowest and highest mean estimates of population density of microsclerotia. Between these extremes, the results of the other participants were evenly distributed, indicating that the extremes were not outliers. The project will be continued by writing protocols of two methods, which will then be tested by different research workers.
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