Phytoparasitica (2014) 42, 205-212

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G.M. Garcia-Ruiz, C. Trapero, C. Del Rio and F.J. Lopez-Escudero (2014)
Evaluation of resistance of Spanish olive cultivars to Verticillium dahliae in inoculations conducted in greenhouse
Phytoparasitica 42 (2), 205-212
Abstract: The resistance of 28 Spanish olive cultivars to Verticillium dahliae was evaluated in an experiment conducted under greenhouse conditions, by impregnating plant roots with a semisolid fluid mass of a mixture of culture medium and the conidia and mycelium of the fungus. Five-month-old olive plants were inoculated with a cotton defoliating isolate of V. dahliae. 'Frantoio' and 'Picual' were used as resistant and susceptible reference cultivars, respectively. Cultivars were assessed on the basis of final values of the area under the disease progress curve, mean severity of symptoms, and mortality at 26 weeks following inoculation. Verticillium wilt disease developed more slowly and reached lower values of these parameters than those normally recorded in previous studies conducted in growth chambers, using root-dip inoculation in a conidial suspension of the pathogen. However, most of the evaluated cultivars exhibited susceptible or moderately susceptible reactions to the infections caused by V. dahliae. In particular, a group of eight cultivars, from the same group as 'Picual', such as 'Manzanilla de Abla', 'Manzanilla del Centro' and 'Negrillo de Iznalloz', were significantly more susceptible than 'Frantoio'. Conversely, 'Escarabajillo', 'Menya' and 'Sevillana de Abla' exhibited a high level of resistance to the disease, no dead plants, and vegetative recovery. Field experiments are currently being carried out to confirm the level of resistance assigned to these last genotypes. If confirmed, these genotypes will act as potential resistant genitors for inclusion in current olive breeding programs or for use as resistant rootstocks.
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