Phytoparasitica (2008) 36, 74-83

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Sibel Dervis, Sener Kurt, Soner Soylu, Latife Erten, E. Mine Soylu, Mehmet Yildiz and Fatih M. Tok (2008)
Vegetative compatibility groups of Verticillium dahliae from cotton in the southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey
Phytoparasitica 36 (1), 74-83
Abstract: Eighty isolates of Verticillium dahliae from the southeastern Anatolia region and 20 isolates from the east Mediterranean region from wilted cotton plants were used for vegetative compatibility analysis employing nitrate non-utilizing mutants and reference tester strains of vegetative compatibility groups (VCGs) 1A, 2A, 2B, 3, 4A and 4B. Of the 100 V. dahliae isolates, 49 were assigned to VCG1A, 39 to VCG2B, nine to VCG2A and three to VCG4B. Pathogenicity assays were conducted on susceptible cotton cv. Çukurova 1518 in the greenhouse. All VCG1A isolates induced defoliation and all VCG2B isolates caused partial defoliation symptoms. Isolates of VCG2A and VCG4B caused typical symptoms of leaf chlorosis without defoliation. This is the first report on VCGs of V. dahliae in the southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey, which demonstrates that VCG1A of the cotton-defoliating type and VCG2B of the partially defoliating type are prevalent in this region.
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Verticillium dahliae Cotton (Gossypium) Turkey