Phytoparasitica (2005) 33, p. 289 (Rosner et al.)

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A. Rosner, Ludmila Maslenin, Mali Pearlsman, O. Lachman and Y. Antignus (2005)
Cucumber leaf spot virus (CLSV), a new soilborne virus disease of greenhouse cucumbers in Israel
Phytoparasitica 33 (3), 289-289
Abstracts of presentations at the 26th Congress of the Israeli Phytopathological Society (February 14-15, 2005, Bet Dagan, Israel), lecture
Abstract: Cucumber plants grown in greenhouses showed mosaic-type symptoms and vein banding on leaves; plant growth was not significantly affected and fruits remained symptomless. A virus with isometric particles 30 nm in size was isolated from infected tissues. Similar infectious particles were found in drainage water in the greenhouse. The infecting virus could not be identified on the basis of host range and symptoms' patterns. In order to identify the virus pathogen, cDNA clones were prepared from purified virus particles and their nucleotide sequences were compared with a library of viral sequences in the GenBank. The tested sequence was shown to have a high degree of identity (but not complete) with a Cucumber leaf spot virus (CLSV) sequence (95%). It has lower identity (66%) with a Pothos latent virus (PoLV)-type member of the same Aureusvirus genus and 48% with Cucumber necrosis virus (CNV) belonging to the Tombusviridae family. The infecting virus was thus identified as a variant of CLSV. The nucleotide sequences of the individual ORFs within the virus genome were analyzed. The variability between the CLSV isolates was higher at regions encoding the virus replicase and CP genes while the 3'-end region was more conserved. It may be hypothesized that the observed differences in host range and symptomatology of the new CLSV isolate originated from the variability at the CP and Rep genes.

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Cucumber leaf spot virus Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) Israel