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Y. Oka and S. Pivonia (2002)
Control of root-knot nematodes by ammonia
Phytoparasitica 30 (3)
The 23rd Congress of the Israeli Phytopathological Society - February 11-12, 2002
Abstract: The nematicidal activities of ammonia-releasing and ammonium compounds were tested against the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne javanica in pot, microplot and field experiments. Among ten compounds tested, NH4OH, (NH2)2HPO4 and NH4HCO3 showed greatest nematicidal activity at concentrations of 300 mg N kg-1 of NH4 or NH2 in pots. NH4OH was found to be the most nematicidal of these compounds. Enclosure of pots containing NH4OH-treated soils in plastic bags reduced the concentration of NH4OH needed to kill the nematodes from 200 mg N kg-1 in open pots to only 70 mg N kg-1. In a microplot experiment, treatment of nematode-infested soil with NH4OH at 70 mg N kg-1 reduced the root-galling index to zero. In one field experiment the nematicidal efficacy of NH4OH on tomato plants at doses of 1000 and 2000 kg N ha-1 was equivalent to that of Telopic C35® or metam-sodium in combination with cadusafos. In another field experiment, NH4OH at 500 and 1000 kg N ha-1 increased tomato yield and at 1000 kg N ha-1 reduced the galling index, compared with untreated controls. The results suggest that NH4OH may serve as a nematicide in alkaline sandy soils. Nitrapyrin, a nitrification inhibitor, was used with NH4OH in order to maintain the ammonia concentrations for a longer period in the soil. When nitrapyrin at a concentration of 10 mg kg-1 (which has no adverse effect on the nematodes) was incorporated with NH4OH, an additional reduction in galling index was observed on tomato plants. Use of nitrapyrin with organic amendments, such as chitin and cottonseed meal, also enhanced the nematicidal activity.
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