Phytobiomes Journal (2020)

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Articles of Phytobiomes Journal entered for 2020:

Phytobiomes Journal (2020) 4, 165-177
Jean-Michel Hily, Nils Poulicard, Thierry Candresse, Emmanuelle Vigne, Monique Beuve, Lauriane Renault, Amandine Velt, Anne-Sophie Spilmont and Olivier Lemaire (2020)
Datamining, genetic diversity analyses, and phylogeographic reconstructions redefine the worldwide evolutionary history of Grapevine Pinot gris virus and Grapevine berry inner necrosis virus
Phytobiomes Journal 4 (2),  p. 165

Phytobiomes Journal (2020) 4, 388-404
Aaron J. Onufrak, Geoffrey M. Williams, William E. Klingeman III, Melissa A. Cregger, Dawn M. Klingeman, Jennifer M. DeBruyn, Matthew D. Ginzel and Denita Hadziabdic (2020)
Regional differences in the structure of Juglans nigra phytobiome reflect geographical differences in thousand cankers disease severity
Phytobiomes Journal 4 (4),  p. 388