Pest Management Science (2021) 77, 3841-3846

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Andrew J. Mann and Thomas S. Davis (2021)
Entomopathogenic fungi to control bark beetles: a review of ecological recommendations
Pest Management Science 77 (9), 3841-3846
Abstract: There is considerable interest in applying entomopathogenic fungi as a biological control to limit insect populations due to their low environmental and human applicator impacts. However, despite many promising laboratory tests, there are few examples where these fungi were successfully applied to manage bark beetles. Here, we explore how environmental conditions unique to bark beetle habitats may have limited previous entomopathogenic fungus applications, including variable temperatures, ultraviolet light, bark beetle symbiotic microorganisms, tree phytochemicals, and cryptic bark beetle behaviors. Based on the existing literature, we provide a framework for interpreting the pathogenicity of entomopathogenic fungi to bark beetles, with emphasis on both standardizing and improving laboratory approaches to enhance field applications. Our synthesis indicates that most previous laboratory evaluations are conducted under conditions that are not representative of actual bark beetle systems; this may render fungal isolates functionally non-pathogenic in field settings. We recommend that future studies place particular effort into understanding entomopathogen response to the presence of bark beetle symbiotic microorganisms, plant phytochemicals, and potential as a tree endophyte. Additionally, field application methods should aid entomopathogens in overcoming stressful conditions and allow the fungus to infect multiple bark beetle life stages.
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