Pest Management Science (2020) 76, 2040-2048

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Chao He, Shaonan Liu, Jinjin Liang, Yang Zeng, Shaoli Wang, Qingjun Wu, Wen Xie and Youjun Zhang (2020)
Genome-wide identification and analysis of nuclear receptors genes for lethal screening against Bemisia tabaci Q
Pest Management Science 76 (6), 2040-2048
Nuclear receptors (NRs) play an essential role in diverse biological processes, such as insect metamorphosis. Here, transcriptome analysis and functional studies were used to determine whether NRs are involved in metamorphosis of whitefly Bemisia tabaci Q, a serious pest to crops, and to find some potential insecticide targets.
Twenty NRs were identified in the Bemisia tabaci Q genome and categorized into the NR0-NR6 subfamilies. The phylogenetic tree of NRs from Bemisia tabaci Q and other representative species was constructed, which provided evolutionary insight into their genetic distances. The results of spatiotemporal gene expression indicated that the majority of NR gene expression was higher in the head than the abdomen and higher in eggs than adults. Further functional analysis using RNA interference (RNAi) showed that NR genes play an important role in Bemisia tabaci Q pupation and eclosion. With respect to high mortality and effects on growth, this was reflected in the unable to become pupa when the third-stage nymph treated with double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) and the developmental time delay (4–7 days) when pupae were treated with dsRNA for the 12 NR genes during molting compared with the development time in the control.
This study provides insight into NR functions during the metamorphosis stages of Bemisia tabaci Q. Several candidate genes could be potential insecticide targets for whitefly pest control due to their important roles in insect development.
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