Pest Management Science (2020) 76, 1386-1392

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Joseph E. Hunter III, Travis W. Gannon, Robert J. Richardson, Fred H. Yelverton and Ramon G. Leon (2020)
Integration of remote-weed mapping and an autonomous spraying unmanned aerial vehicle for site-specific weed management
Pest Management Science 76 (4), 1386-1392
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been used in agriculture to collect imagery for crop and pest monitoring, and for decision-making purposes. Spraying-capable UAVs are now commercially available worldwide for agricultural applications. Combining UAV weed mapping and UAV sprayers into an UAV integrated system (UAV-IS) can offer a new alternative to implement site-specific pest management.
The UAV-IS was 0.3- to 3-fold more efficient at identifying and treating target weedy areas, while minimizing treatment on non-weedy areas, than ground-based broadcast applications. The UAV-IS treated 20–60% less area than ground-based broadcast applications, but also missed up to 26% of the target weedy area, while broadcast applications covered almost the entire experimental area and only missed 2–3% of the target weeds. The efficiency of UAV-IS management practices increased as weed spatial aggregation increased (patchiness).
Integrating UAV imagery for pest mapping and UAV sprayers can provide a new strategy for integrated pest management programs to improve efficiency and efficacy while reducing the amount of pesticide being applied. The UAV-IS has the potential to improve the detection and control of weed escapes to reduce/delay herbicide resistance evolution.
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