Pest Management Science (2018) 74, 2004-2012

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Ana L. Llandres, Raki Almohamad, Thierry Brévault, Alain Renou, Idrissa Téréta, Janine Jean and François-Regis Goebel (2018)
Plant training for induced defense against insect pests: a promising tool for integrated pest management in cotton
Pest Management Science 74 (9), 2004-2012
Abstract: Enhancing cotton pest management using plant natural defenses has been described as a promising way to improve the management of crop pests. We here reviewed various studies on cotton growing systems to illustrate how an ancient technique called plant training, which includes plant topping and pruning, may contribute to this goal. Using examples from cotton crops, we show how trained plants can be brought to a state of enhanced defense that causes faster and more robust activation of their defense responses. We revisit the agricultural benefits associated with this technique in cotton crops, with a focus on its potential as a supplementary tool for integrated pest management (IPM). In particular, we examine its role in mediating plant interactions with conspecific neighboring plants, pests and associated natural enemies. We propose a new IPM tool, plant training for induced defense, which involves inducing plant defense through artificial injury. Experimental evidence from various studies shows that cotton training is a promising technique, particularly for smallholders, which can be used as part of an IPM program to significantly reduce insecticide use and to improve productivity in cotton farming.
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