Pest Management Science (2016) 72, 780-786

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Laura G.A. Riggi, Vesna Gagic, Riccardo Bommarco and Barbara Ekbom (2016)
Insecticide resistance in pollen beetles over 7 years – a landscape approach
Pest Management Science 72 (4), 780-786
In spite of considerable interest in the impact of pesticides on pest populations, few attempts have been made to link resistance patterns of insect pests to land-use features across spatial and temporal scales. We hypothesise that pollen beetle pesticide resistance increases in areas with a high proportion of oilseed rape and with an even mixture of winter and spring oilseed rape owing to high pesticide selection pressure in such areas.
Here, we investigated 7 years of lambda-cyhalothrin (Karate®) resistance in field-collected pollen beetle adults from a total of 180 sampling points across ten regions in Sweden. We found a positive effect on pollen beetle pesticide resistance of proportion of oilseed rape and even spring–winter oilseed rape mixture. However, this was true only for the regional spatial scale. Significant land-use effects in the long-term models, with oilseed rape data averaged over a longer (4 years) period of time, suggested an effect of regional landscape history on current pest resistance.
For successful control of pollen beetle pesticide resistance, we suggest a long-term regional strategy for oilseed rape management. This land-use approach provides a framework for further investigations that integrate resistance management into landscape research.
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