Pest Management Science (2005) 61, 699-704

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Gadi V.P. Reddy, Regina Fettköther, Uwe Noldt and Konrad Dettner (2005)
Enhancement of attraction and trap catches of the old-house borer, Hylotrupes bajulus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), by combination of male sex pheromone and monoterpenes
Pest Management Science 61 (7), 699-704
Abstract: Monoterpenoid compounds extracted from wood of Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris L, synergized the attraction of the old-house borer, Hylotrupes bajulus (L), to the male pheromone (3R)-3-hydroxy-2-hexanone ((3R)-ketol) + 1-butanol. Glasshouse experiments using ground traps baited with extracts derived from Scots pine wood or the monoterpenes (+)-alpha-pinene, (-)-verbenone, (-)-trans-pinocarveol and (+)-terpinen-4-ol attracted significantly more H. bajulus females, but caught fewer of them, than the synthetic pheromone mixture alone. Traps baited with higher concentrations of the monoterpene mixture attracted fewer females than those baited with lower dosages, whilst very high concentrations of the mixture (6-10 vials) caught no insects. However, a combination of (3R)-ketol + 1-butanol or (±)-3-ketol + 1-butanol with monoterpenes resulted in the capture of significantly more females than either the sex pheromone or the monoterpene mixture alone. Traps baited with a blend of the male's sex pheromone or the monoterpenes attracted significantly more, but caught fewer, males than females. Here again, a combination of the above blends enhanced the attraction of males significantly when compared with the attractancy of either of the compounds/mixtures used alone.
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