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Publications of Paul R.J. Birch (39 listed):

New Phytologist (2019) 222, 438-454
Qin He, Hazel McLellan, Richard K. Hughes, Petra C. Boevink, Miles Armstrong, Yuan Lu, Mark J. Banfield, Zhendong Tian and Paul R.J. Birch (2019)
Phytophthora infestans effector SFI3 targets potato UBK to suppress early immune transcriptional responses

New Phytologist (2019) 221, 1634-1648
Gaetan J.A. Thilliez, Miles R. Armstrong, Tze-Yin Lim, Katie Baker, Agathe Jouet, Ben Ward, Cock van Oosterhout, Jonathan D.G. Jones, Edgar Huitema, Paul R.J. Birch and Ingo Hein (2019)
Pathogen enrichment sequencing (PenSeq) enables population genomic studies in oomycetes

New Phytologist (2018) 219, 1433-1446
Xiangzi Zheng, Nadine Wagener, Hazel McLellan, Petra C. Boevink, Chenlei Hua, Paul R.J. Birch and Frédéric Brunner (2018)
Phytophthora infestans RXLR effector SFI5 requires association with calmodulin for PTI/MTI suppressing activity

New Phytologist (2017) 214, 1657-1672
Barbara Franco-Orozco, Adokiye Berepiki, Olaya Ruiz, Louise Gamble, Lucie L. Griffe, Shumei Wang, Paul R.J. Birch, Kostya Kanyuka and Anna Avrova (2017)
A new proteinaceous pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMP) identified in Ascomycete fungi induces cell death in Solanaceae

New Phytologist (2017) 216, 205-215
Shumei Wang, Petra C. Boevink, Lydia Welsh, Ruofang Zhang, Stephen C. Whisson and Paul R.J. Birch (2017)
Delivery of cytoplasmic and apoplastic effectors from Phytophthora infestans haustoria by distinct secretion pathways

Phytopathology (2015) 105, 966-981
W.E. Fry, P.R.J. Birch, H.S. Judelson, N.J. Grünwald, G. Danies, K.L. Everts, A.J. Gevens, B.K. Gugino, D.A. Johnson, S.B. Johnson, M.T. McGrath, K.L. Myers, J.B. Ristaino, P.D. Roberts, G. Secor and C.D. Smart (2015)
Five reasons to consider Phytophthora infestans a reemerging pathogen

Molecular Plant Pathology (2015) 16, 413-434
Sophien Kamoun, Oliver Furzer, Jonathan D.G. Jones, Howard S. Judelson, Gul Shad Ali, Ronaldo J.D. Dalio, Sanjoy Guha Roy, Leonardo Schena, Antonios Zambounis, Franck Panabières, David Cahill, Michelina Ruocco, Andreia Figueiredo, Xiao-Ren Chen, Jon Hulvey, Remco Stam, Kurt Lamour, Mark Gijzen, Brett M. Tyler, Niklaus J. Grünwald, M. Shahid Mukhtar, Daniel F.A. Tomé, Mahmut Tör, Guido Van Den Ackerveken, John McDowell, Fouad Daayf, William E. Fry, Hannele Lindqvist-Kreuze, Harold J.G. Meijer, Benjamin Petre, Jean Ristaino, Kentaro Yoshida, Paul R.J. Birch and Francine Govers (2015)
The top 10 oomycete pathogens in molecular plant pathology

PLoS ONE (2014) 9 (10 - e110158)
Sean Chapman, Laura J. Stevens, Petra C. Boevink, Stefan Engelhardt, Colin J. Alexander, Brian Harrower, Nicolas Champouret, Kara McGeachy, Pauline S.M. Van Weymers, Xinwei Chen, Paul R.J. Birch and Ingo Hein (2014)
Detection of the virulent form of AVR3a from Phytophthora infestans following artificial evolution of potato resistance gene R3a

Molecular Plant Pathology (2014) 15, 664-676
Eva Randall, Vanessa Young, Helge Sierotzki, Gabriel Scalliet, Paul R.J. Birch, David E.L. Cooke, Michael Csukai and Stephen C. Whisson (2014)
Sequence diversity in the large subunit of RNA polymerase I contributes to Mefenoxam insensitivity in Phytophthora infestans

New Phytologist (2011) 190, 653-666
Eleanor M. Gilroy, Rosalind M. Taylor, Ingo Hein, Petra Boevink, Ari Sadanandom and Paul R.J. Birch (2011)
CMPG1-dependent cell death follows perception of diverse pathogen elicitors at the host plasma membrane and is suppressed by Phytophthora infestans RXLR effector AVR3a

Molecular Microbiology (2009) 74, 662-671
Maria Antunez-Lamas, Ezequiel Cabrera, Emilia Lopez-Solanilla, Roberto Solano, Pablo González-Melendi, Jose Manuel Chico, Ian Toth, Paul Birch, Leighton Pritchard, Hui Liu and Pablo Rodriguez-Palenzuela (2009)
Bacterial chemoattraction towards jasmonate plays a role in the entry of Dickeya dadantii through wounded tissues

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2009) 22, 630-641
Anoma A. Lokossou, Tae-Ho Park, Gert van Arkel, Marjon Arens, Carolien Ruyter-Spira, Juan Morales, Steve C. Whisson, Paul R.J. Birch, Richard G.F. Visser, Evert Jacobsen and Edwin A.G. van der Vossen (2009)
Exploiting knowledge of R/Avr genes to rapidly clone a new LZ-NBS-LRR family of late blight resistance genes from potato linkage group IV

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2008) 21, 1460-1470
Pieter M.J.A. van Poppel, Jun Guo, Peter J.I. van de Vondervoort, Maartje W.M. Jung, Paul R.J. Birch, Stephen C. Whisson and Francine Govers (2008)
The Phytophthora infestans avirulence gene Avr4 encodes an RXLR-dEER effector

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2008) 21, 433-447
H.S. Judelson, A.M.V. Ah-Fong, G. Aux, A.O. Avrova, C. Bruce, C. Cakir, L. da Cunha, L. Grenville-Briggs, M. Latijnhouwers, W. Ligterink, H.J.G. Meijer, S. Roberts, C.S. Thurber, S.C. Whisson, P.R.J. Birch, F. Govers, S. Kamoun, Pieter van West and John Windass (2008)
Gene expression profiling during asexual development of the late blight pathogen Phytophthora infestans reveals a highly dynamic transcriptome

Molecular Plant Pathology (2007) 8, 333-341
Noëlani Van Den Berg, Dave K. Berger, Ingo Hein, Paul R.J. Birch, Michael J. Wingfield and Altus Viljoen (2007)
Tolerance in banana to Fusarium wilt is associated with early up-regulation of cell wall-strengthening genes in the roots

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2007) 20, 313-320
Ramani S. Ravirala, Ravi D. Barabote, David M. Wheeler, Sylvie Reverchon, Ouwatha Tatum, Jeremy Malouf, Hui Liu, Leighton Pritchard, Peter E. Hedley, Paul R.J. Birch, Ian K. Toth, Paxton Payton and Michael J.D. San Francisco (2007)
Efflux pump gene expression in Erwinia chrysanthemi is induced by exposure to phenolic acids

The Plant Journal (2007) 52, 1-13
Eleanor M. Gilroy, Ingo Hein, Renier van der Hoorn, Petra C. Boevink, Eduard Venter, Hazel McLellan, Florian Kaffarnik, K. Hrubikova, J. Shaw, M. Holeva, E.C. López, O. Borras-Hidalgo, L. Pritchard, G.J. Loake, C. Lacomme and P.R.J. Birch (2007)
Involvement of cathepsin B in the plant disease resistance hypersensitive response

The Plant Journal (2006) 48, 165-176
Jorunn I.B. Bos, Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti, Carolyn Young, Cahid Cakir, Edgar Huitema, Joe Win, Miles R. Armstrong, Paul R.J. Birch and Sophien Kamoun (2006)
The C-terminal half of Phytophthora infestans RXLR effector AVR3a is sufficient to trigger R3a-mediated hypersensitivity and suppress INF1-induced cell death in Nicotiana benthamiana

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2005) 18, 343-353
C.L. Pemberton, N.A. Whitehead, M. Sebaihia, K.S. Bell, L.J. Hyman, S.J. Harris, A.J. Matlin, N.D. Robson, P.R.J. Birch, J.P. Carr, I.K. Toth and G.P.C. Salmond (2005)
Novel quorum-sensing-controlled genes in Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora: Identification of a fungal elicitor homologue in a soft-rotting bacterium

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2005) 18, 334-342
Mark Corbett, Sam Virtue, Kenneth Bell, Paul Birch, Tom Burr, Lysbeth Hyman, Kathryn Lilley, Susannah Poock, Ian Toth and George Salmond (2005)
Identification of a new quorum-sensing-controlled virulence factor in Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica secreted via the type II targeting pathway

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2004) 17, 943-950
Maria C. Holeva, Kenneth S. Bell, Lizbeth J. Hyman, Anna O. Avrova, Stephen C. Whisson, Paul R.J. Birch and Ian K. Toth (2004)
Use of a pooled transposon mutation grid to demonstrate roles in disease development for Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica putative type III secreted effector (DspE/A) and helper (HrpN) proteins

Molecular Plant Pathology (2004) 5, 45-56
Anna O. Avrova, Nawsheen Taleb, Veli-Matti Rokka, Jacqueline Heilbronn, Edward Campbell, Ingo Hein, Eleanor M. Gilroy, Linda Cardle, John E. Bradshaw, Helen E. Stewart, Yasmina Jaufeerally Fakim, Gary Loake and Paul R.J. Birch (2004)
Potato oxysterol binding protein and cathepsin B are rapidly up-regulated in independent defence pathways that distinguish R gene-mediated and field resistances to Phytophthora infestans

Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology (2003) 25, 226-231
Paul R.J. Birch, Anna O. Avrova, Miles Armstrong, Eduard Venter, Nawsheen Taleb, Eleanor M. Gilroy, Mark S. Phillips and Stephen C. Whisson (2003)
The potato - Phytophthora infestans interaction transcriptome

New Phytologist (2003) 159, 63-72
Jorunn I.B. Bos, Miles Armstrong, Stephen C. Whisson, Trudy A. Torto, Mildred Ochwo, Paul R.J. Birch and Sophien Kamoun (2003)
Intraspecific comparative genomics to identify avirulence genes from Phytophthora

Plant Pathology (2003) 52, 181-192
D.E.L. Cooke, V. Young, P.R.J. Birch, R. Toth, F. Gourlay, J.P. Day, S.F. Carnegie and J.M. Duncan (2003)
Phenotypic and genotypic diversity of Phytophthora infestans populations in Scotland (1995-97)

Molecular Plant Pathology (2003) 4, 17-30
Ian K. Toth, Kenneth S. Bell, Maria C. Holeva and Paul R.J. Birch (2003)
Soft rot erwiniae: from genes to genomes

Molecular Plant Pathology (2003) 4, 501-507
Peter D. Bittner-Eddy, Rebecca L. Allen, Anne P. Rehmany, Paul Birch and Jim L. Beynon (2003)
Use of suppression subtractive hybridization to identify downy mildew genes expressed during infection of Arabidopsis thaliana

Molecular Plant Pathology (2001) 2, 257-263
Paul R.J. Birch and Stephen C. Whisson (2001)
Phytophthora infestans enters the genomics era

EPPO Bulletin (2000) 30, 409-411
L.J. Hyman, P.R.J. Birch, A. Dellagi, A.O. Avrova and I.K. Toth (2000)
Development of a quantitative PCR-based detection system for Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica on potato tubers

Letters in Applied Microbiology (2000) 30, 330-335
L.J. Hyman, P.R.J. Birch, A. Dellagi, A.O. Avrova and I.K. Toth (2000)
A competitive PCR-based method for the detection and quantification of Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica on potato tubers

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2000) 13, 1092-1101
Alia Dellagi, Jacqueline Heilbronn, Anna O. Avrova, Marcos Montesano, E. Tapio Palva, Helen E. Stewart, Ian K. Toth, David E.L. Cooke, Gary D. Lyon and Paul R.J. Birch (2000)
A potato gene encoding a WRKY-like transcription factor is induced in interactions with Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica and Phytophthora infestans and is coregulated with class I endochitinase expression

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (1999) 12, 1114-1119
A.O. Avrova, H.E. Stewart, W. De Jong, J. Heilbronn, G.D. Lyon and P.R.J. Birch (1999)
A cysteine protease gene is expressed early in resistant potato interactions with Phytophthora infestans

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (1999) 12, 356-361
P.R.J. Birch, A.O. Avrova, J.M. Duncan, G.D. Lyon and R.L. Toth (1999)
Isolation of potato genes that are induced during an early stage of the hypersensitive response to Phytophthora infestans

International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) Avrova et al. - Novel potato genes involved in ...
A.O. Avrova, P.R.J. Birch, R. Toth, G.D. Lyon and J.M. Duncan (1998)
Novel potato genes involved in defence against Phytophthora infestans are implicated in apoptosis
Edinburgh, U.K. (9 - 16 Aug. 1998), Poster presented in section: Cell signalling and the hypersensitive reaction

International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) Birch et al. - Design and utilization of a ...
P.R.J. Birch, L.J. Hyman, J.R. Wood and I.K. Toth (1998)
Design and utilization of a potato soft rot Erwinia-specific PCR- based detection system
Edinburgh, U.K. (9 - 16 Aug. 1998), Poster presented in section: The status of molecular methods for pathogen detection, diagnosis and estimation in commercial detection technology

Journal of Applied Microbiology (1998) 85, 327-336
I.K. Toth, L.J. Hyman, R. Taylor and P.R.J. Birch (1998)
PCR-based detection of Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli var. fuscans in plant material and its differentiation from X. c. pv. phaseoli

International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) Hyman et al. - Improved PCR detection of ...
L.J. Hyman, U. Hyman, P.R.J. Birch and I.K. Toth (1998)
Improved PCR detection of Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica for commercial use
Edinburgh, U.K. (9 - 16 Aug. 1998), Poster presented in section: The status of molecular methods for pathogen detection, diagnosis and estimation in commercial detection technology

International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) Dellagi et al. - A novel approach to ...
A. Dellagi, I.K. Toth, G.D. Lyon and P.R.J. Birch (1998)
A novel approach to determining pathogenesis-related bacterial genes: differential display RT-PCR of Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica and Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora
Edinburgh, U.K. (9 - 16 Aug. 1998), Poster presented in section: Gene regulation in plant-pathogenic bacteria

European Journal of Plant Pathology (1997) 103, 809-814
Paul R.J. Birch, Lizbeth J. Hyman, Robert Taylor, A. Fina Opio, Claude Bragard and Ian K. Toth (1997)
Rapd PCR-based differentiation of Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli and Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli var. fuscans