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Publications of Paul A. Horne (14 listed):

Australian Journal of Entomology (2012) 51, 205-208
Suzanne Harper and Paul A. Horne (2012)
The feeding effects of western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande)) and wind damage on French beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Journal of Economic Entomology (2010) 103, 2061-2071
Martina B. Bernard, Peter Cole, Amanda Kobelt, Paul A. Horne, James Altmann, Stephen D. Wratten and Alan L. Yen (2010)
Reducing the impact of pesticides on biological control in Australian vineyards: Pesticide mortality and fecundity effects on an indicator species, the predatory mite Euseius victoriensis (Acari: Phytoseiidae)

Australian Journal of Entomology (2010) 49, 160-165
Peter G. Cole, Anna R. Cutler, Amanda J. Kobelt and Paul A. Horne (2010)
Acute and long-term effects of selective insecticides on Micromus tasmaniae Walker (Neuroptera: Hemerobiidae), Coccinella transversalis F. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) and Nabis kinbergii Reuter (Hemiptera: Miridae)

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture (2008) 48, 1601-1607
Paul A. Horne, Jessica Page and Cam Nicholson (2008)
When will integrated pest management strategies be adopted? Example of the development and implementation of integrated pest management strategies in cropping systems in Victoria

Australian Journal of Entomology (2006) 45, 244-248
Peter G. Cole and Paul A. Horne (2006)
The impact of aphicide drenches on Micromus tasmaniae (Walker) (Neuroptera: Hemerobiidae) and the implications for pest control in lettuce crops

Experimental and Applied Acarology (2005) 35, 83-109
Martina B. Bernard, Paul A. Horne and Ary A. Hoffmann (2005)
Eriophyoid mite damage in Vitis vinifera (grapevine) in Australia: Calepitrimerus vitis and Colomerus vitis (Acari: Eriophyidae) as the common cause of the widespread ' Restricted Spring Growth' syndrome

Journal of Economic Entomology (2004) 97, 891-899
Martina B. Bernard, Paul A. Horne and Ary A. Hoffmann (2004)
Developing an ecotoxicological testing standard for predatory mites in Australia: Acute and sublethal effects of fungicides on Euseius victoriensis and Galendromus occidentalis (Acarina: Phytoseiidae)

Australian Journal of Entomology (2000) 39, 47-48
P.A. Horne, C.L. Edward and T. Kourmouzis (2000)
Dicranolaius bellulus (Guerin-Meneville) (Coleoptera : Melyridae : Malachiinae), a possible biological control agent of lepidopterous pests in inland Australia

Australian Journal of Entomology (1998) 37, 60-63
P.A. Horne and C.L. Edward (1998)
Effects of tillage on pest and beneficial beetles in the Wimmera region of Victoria, Australia

Journal of the Australian Entomological Society (1995) 34, 101-104
P.A. Horne and C.L. Edward (1995)
Phenology and food preferences of Labidura truncata Kirby (Dermaptera: Labiduridae) in western Victoria

Journal of the Australian Entomological Society (1995) 34, 229-231
J.E. Curtis and P.A. Horne (1995)
Effect of chlorpyrifos and cypermethrin applications on non-target invertebrates in a conservation-tillage crop

Australian Journal of Zoology (1993) 41, 335-341
M.A. Keller and P.A. Horne (1993)
Sources of host location cues for the parasitic wasp Orgilus lepidus (Braconidae)

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research (1991) 42, 827-834
P.A. Horne and J.A. Horne (1991)
The life-history and control of Hapatesus hirtus Candeze (Coleoptera: Elateridae) in Victoria

Bulletin of Entomological Research (1990) 80, 159-163
P.A. Horne (1990)
The influence of introduced parasitoids on the potato moth, Phthorimaea operculella (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) in Victoria, Australia