Patrícia B. Monteiro

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The following data have been transferred from the database of scientists of the International Society for Pest Information (ISPI):

Patrícia B. Monteiro
last recorded affiliation:
Fundo de Defesa da Citricultura (FUNDECITRUS)
Av. Dr. Adhemar Pereira de Barros, 201
(VI. Melhado-C.P. 391)
14807-040 Araraquara - São Paulo

research on citrus diseases

Publications of Patrícia B. Monteiro (5 listed):

Current Microbiology (2008) 57, 127-132
Nelson Arno Wulff, Anelise Galdino Mariano, Patrice Gaurivaud, Leonardo Cesar de Almeida Souza, Andrea Cassia Diez Virgílio and Patrícia Brant Monteiro (2008)
Influence of culture medium pH on growth, aggregation, and biofilm formation of Xylella fastidiosa

FEMS Microbiology Letters (2006) 257, 236-242
Leonardo C.A. Souza, Nelson A. Wulff, Patrice Gaurivaud, Anelise G. Mariano, Andréa C.D. Virgílio, João L. Azevedo and Patrícia B. Monteiro (2006)
Disruption of Xylella fastidiosa CVC gumB and gumF genes affects biofilm formation without a detectable influence on exopolysaccharide production

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2002) 68, 4658-4665
Patrice Gaurivaud, Leonardo C.A. Souza, Andrea C.D. Virgílio, Anelise G. Mariano, Renê R. Palma and Patrícia B. Monteiro (2002)
Gene disruption by homologous recombination in the Xylella fastidiosa citrus variegated chlorosis strain

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 246-251
P.B. Monteiro, J. Renaudin, S. Jagoueix-Eveillard, A.J. Ayres, M. Garnier and J.M. Bové (2001)
Catharanthus roseus, an experimental host plant for the citrus strain of Xylella fastidiosa

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2001) 67, 2263-2269
Patrícia B. Monteiro, Diva C. Teixeira, Renê R. Palma, Monique Garnier, Joseph-Marie Bové and Joël Renaudin (2001)
Stable transformation of the Xylella fastidiosa citrus variegated chlorosis strain with oriC plasmids