Parasitology Research (2012) 111, 2253-2263

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Athanassios Giatropoulos, Dimitrios P. Papachristos, Athanasios Kimbaris, George Koliopoulos, Moschos G. Polissiou, Nickolaos Emmanouel and Antonios Michaelakis (2012)
Evaluation of bioefficacy of three Citrus essential oils against the dengue vector Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) in correlation to their components enantiomeric distribution
Parasitology Research 111 (6), 2253-2263
Abstract: Laboratory experiments were conducted to study the bioefficacy against Ae. albopictus of three Citrus essential oils, derived from peels of Citrus sinensis, Citrus limon, and Citrus paradise and of their components. Chiral gas chromatography analysis revealed the dominant occurrence of R-(+)-limonene and (-)-β-pinene in all three essential oils while in the case of lemon oil γ-terpinene, neral, and geranial detected also among other components. The tested Citrus essential oils were toxic against mosquito larvae with LC50 values ranging from 25.03 to 37.03 mg l-1. Among citrus essential oils components tested, γ-terpinene was the most toxic (LC50=20.21 mg l-1) followed by both enantiomeric forms of limonene (LC50 = 35.99 and 34.89 mg l-1, for R-(+)-limonene and S-(−)-limonene, respectively). The delayed toxic effects after exposure of larvae to sublethal (LC50) doses were also investigated for citrus essential oils and their major component R-(+)-limonene, indicating a significant reduction of pupal survival. In repellent bioassays, lemon essential oil, S-(−)-limonene, citral (mixture of neral\geranial) and (+)-β-pinene were the most effective compared with other citrus essential oils and components against adult mosquitoes. Repellent bioassays also revealed that limonenes and β-pinenes showed an isomer dependence repellent activity. Finally, according to enantiomeric distribution of limonene and α- and β-pinene, the repellency of lemon essential oil is possibly attributed to the presence of citral.
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