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Teka Feyera, Petros Admasu, Ziad Abdilahi and Bahar Mummed (2015)
Epidemiological and therapeutic studies of camel mange in Fafan zone, Eastern Ethiopia
Parasites and Vectors 8 (612)
Camel mange is an economically important parasitic disease affecting productivity in camel rearing areas of the world if appropriate treatment is not instituted.
A cross-sectional and a controlled field trial were carried out to study the epidemiology of camel mange in Fafan zone, Eastern Ethiopia, and evaluate the efficacy of ivermectin and diazinon in the control of mange infestation in camels on the basis of clinical and parasitological evidence, respectively. Three groups of naturally infested camels and one group of healthy camels each composed of 6 individuals were enrolled: the two infested groups received either ivermectin or diazinon, and the other groups remained untreated.
The overall prevalence rate of mange in camels in the study area was 31.5 % and the only identified species was Sarcoptes scabiei. The prevalence rate was found to significantly vary (p < 0.05) in relation to body condition and herd size of camels. Both drugs showed significant variation (p < 0.05) on improving clinical and body condition scores. Clearance of mange lesions occurred with both drugs; however, re-infestation was observed in diazinon treated group. Ivermectin significantly improved (p < 0.05) both body condition and clinical scores whereas diazinon markedly improved only the later.
In conclusion, camels in the study area harbored considerable level of S. scabiei which warrants institution of an integrated control approach by administration of ivermectin while also sanitating the animal environment.
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