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Articles of Parasite entered for 2013:

Parasite (2013) 20 (12) - Hyalomma scupense (Acari, ...
Mohamed Gharbi, Mohamed Ettaïeb Hayouni, Limam Sassi, Walid Dridi and Mohamed Aziz Darghouth (2013)
Hyalomma scupense (Acari, Ixodidae) in northeast Tunisia: seasonal population dynamics of nymphs and adults on field cattle

Parasite (2013) 20 (17) - Seasonality and daily flight ...
Jumnongjit Phasuk, Atchariya Prabaripai and Theeraphap Chareonviriyaphap (2013)
Seasonality and daily flight activity of stable flies (Diptera: Muscidae) on dairy farms in Saraburi Province, Thailand

Parasite (2013) 20 (25) - Conjunctivitis induced by a ...
Benjamin J. Parcell, Graeme Sharpe, Brian Jones and Claire L. Alexander (2013)
Conjunctivitis induced by a red bodied mite, Neotrombicula autumnalis

Parasite (2013) 20 (26) - Transmission of pathogens by ...
Frédéric Baldacchino, Vithee Muenworn, Marc Desquesnes, Florian Desoli, Theeraphap Charoenviriyaphap and Gérard Duvallet (2013)
Transmission of pathogens by Stomoxys flies (Diptera, Muscidae): a review

Parasite (2013) 20 (31) - Stegomyia mosquitoes in ...
Gilbert Le Goff, Cécile Brengues and Vincent Robert (2013)
Stegomyia mosquitoes in Mayotte, taxonomic study and description of Stegomyia pia n. sp.

Parasite (2013) 20 (34) - Ecology of leishmaniasis in ...
Jean-Antoine Rioux, Stéphane Carron, Jacques Dereure, José Périères, Lamri Zeraia, Evelyne Franquet, Michel Babinot, Montserrat Gállego and Jorian Prudhomme (2013)
Ecology of leishmaniasis in the South of France. 22. Reliability and representativeness of 12 Phlebotomus ariasi, P. perniciosus and Sergentomyia minuta (Diptera: Psychodidae) sampling stations in Vallespir (eastern French Pyrenees region)

Parasite (2013) 20 (41) - Prevalence of Dermanyssus ...
Mohamed Gharbi, Nadhem Sakly and Mohamed Aziz Darghouth (2013)
Prevalence of Dermanyssus gallinae (Mesostigmata: Dermanyssidae) in industrial poultry farms in North-East Tunisia

Parasite (2013) 20 (49) - Direct transmission of the cat ...
Michel Franc, Émilie Bouhsira and Frédéric Beugnet (2013)
Direct transmission of the cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) between cats exhibiting social behaviour

Parasite (2013) 20 (6) - Phlebotomine sand flies from ...
Fano José Randrianambinintsoa, Nicole Léger, Vincent Robert and Jérôme Depaquit (2013)
Phlebotomine sand flies from Madagascar (Diptera: Psychodidae). VII. An identification key for Phlebotomus with the description of Phlebotomus (Anaphlebotomus) vaomalalae n. sp.