PLoS ONE (2021) 16 (3 - e0247803)

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Samuel Jansson, Elin Malmqvist, Yeromin Mlacha, Rickard Ignell, Fredros Okumu, Gerry Killeen, Carsten Kirkeby and Mikkel Brydegaard (2021)
Real-time dispersal of malaria vectors in rural Africa monitored with lidar
PLoS ONE 16 (3 - e0247803)
Abstract: Lack of tools for detailed, real-time observation of mosquito behavior with high spatio-temporal resolution limits progress towards improved malaria vector control. We deployed a high-resolution entomological lidar to monitor a half-kilometer static transect positioned over rice fields outside a Tanzanian village. A quarter of a million in situ insect observations were classified, and several insect taxa were identified based on their modulation signatures. We observed distinct range distributions of male and female mosquitoes in relation to the village periphery, and spatio-temporal behavioral features, such as swarming. Furthermore, we observed that the spatial distributions of males and females change independently of each other during the day, and were able to estimate the daily dispersal of mosquitoes towards and away from the village. The findings of this study demonstrate how lidar-based monitoring could dramatically improve our understanding of malaria vector ecology and control options.
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