PLoS ONE (2014) 9 (4 - e96226)

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Xingju Zhang, Yanchao Yuan, Ze Wei, Xian Guo, Yuping Guo, Suqing Zhang, Junsheng Zhao, Guihua Zhang, Xianliang Song and Xuezhen Sun (2014)
Molecular mapping and validation of a major QTL conferring resistance to a defoliating isolate of Verticillium wilt in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
PLoS ONE 9 (4 - e96226)
Abstract: Verticillium wilt (VW) caused by Verticillium dahliae Kleb is one of the most destructive diseases of cotton. Development and use of a VW resistant variety is the most practical and effective way to manage this disease. Identification of highly resistant genes/QTL and the underlining genetic architecture is a prerequisite for developing a VW resistant variety. A major QTL qVW-c6-1 conferring resistance to the defoliating isolate V991 was identified on chromosome 6 in LHB22×JM11 F2:3 population inoculated and grown in a greenhouse. This QTL was further validated in the LHB22×NNG F2:3 population that was evaluated in an artificial disease nursery of V991 for two years and in its subsequent F4 population grown in a field severely infested by V991. The allele conferring resistance within the QTL qVW-c6-1 region originated from parent LHB22 and could explain 23.1-27.1% of phenotypic variation. Another resistance QTL qVW-c21-1 originated from the susceptible parent JM11 was mapped on chromosome 21, explaining 14.44% of phenotypic variation. The resistance QTL reported herein provides a useful tool for breeding a cotton variety with enhanced resistance to VW.
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