PLoS ONE (2011) 6 (9 - e25374)

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Laurent Folcher, Denis Bourguet, Denis Thiéry, Laurent Pélozuelo, Michel Phalip, Alain Weissenberger, Nathalie Eychenne, Catherine Regnault-Roger and Marc Delos (2011)
Changes in parasitoid communities over time and space: A historical case study of the maize pest Ostrinia nubilalis
PLoS ONE 6 (9 - e25374)
Abstract: Understanding the ways in which human environmental modifications affect biodiversity is a key challenge in conservation planning, pest control and evolutionary ecology. Parasitoid communities, particularly those associated with agricultural pests, may be susceptible to such modifications. We document here changes in the larval parasitoid communities of Ostrinia nubilalis — the main pest of maize — and its sibling species O. scapulalis, based on two historical datasets, one collected from 1921–1928 and the other from 2001–2005. Each of these datasets encompasses several years and large geographical areas and was based on several thousands/millions of host larvae. The 80-year interval between the two datasets was marked by a decrease in O. nubilalis parasitism to about two thirds its initial level, mostly due to a decrease in the rate of parasitism by hymenopterans. However, a well balanced loss and gain of species ensured that species richness remained stable. Conversely, O. scapulalis displayed stable rates of parasitism over this period, with a decline in the species richness of its parasitoid community. Rates of parasitism and species richness in regions colonized by O. nubilalis during the 1950s were one half to one third those in regions displaying long-term colonisation by this pest. During the recent human activity-driven expansion of its range, O. nubilalis has neither captured native parasitoids nor triggered parasite spill back or spill over.
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biocontrol - natural enemies
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Ostrinia nubilalis Maize/corn (Zea mays) France
Ostrinia scapulalis France
Lydella thompsoni (parasitoid) Ostrinia nubilalis France
Habrobracon brevicornis (parasitoid) Ostrinia nubilalis France
Habrobracon brevicornis (parasitoid) Ostrinia scapulalis France
Macrocentrus cingulum (parasitoid) Ostrinia scapulalis France
Voria ruralis (parasitoid) Ostrinia nubilalis France
Pristomerus vulnerator (parasitoid) Ostrinia nubilalis France
Diadegma fenestrale (parasitoid) Ostrinia nubilalis France
Nemorilla maculosa (parasitoid) Ostrinia nubilalis France
Theronia atalantae (parasitoid) Ostrinia nubilalis France
Pseudoperichaeta nigrolineata (parasitoid) Ostrinia nubilalis France
Exeristes roborator (parasitoid) Ostrinia nubilalis France
Exeristes roborator (parasitoid) Ostrinia scapulalis France
Pseudoperichaeta palesoidea (parasitoid) Ostrinia nubilalis France
Sinophorus turionum (parasitoid) Ostrinia nubilalis France
Sinophorus turionum (parasitoid) Ostrinia scapulalis France