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Articles of Oecologia entered for 2018:

Oecologia (2018) 186, 101-113
Nina Xiaoning Zhang, Gerben J. Messelink, Juan M. Alba, Robert.C. Schuurink, Merijn R. Kant and Arne Janssen (2018)
Phytophagy of omnivorous predator Macrolophus pygmaeus affects performance of herbivores through induced plant defences
Oecologia 186 (1),  p. 101

Oecologia (2018) 186, 577-587
Arthur Broadbent, Carly J. Stevens, Duane A. Peltzer, Nicholas J. Ostle and Kate H. Orwin (2018)
Belowground competition drives invasive plant impact on native species regardless of nitrogen availability
Oecologia 186 (2),  p. 577

Oecologia (2018) 187, 447-457
Maximilien A.C. Cuny, Johanna Gendry, Johnattan Hernández-Cumplido and Betty Benrey (2018)
Changes in plant growth and seed production in wild lima bean in response to herbivory are attenuated by parasitoids
Oecologia 187 (2),  p. 447

Oecologia (2018) 187, 459-468
Xavier Chiriboga, Huijuan Guo, Raquel Campos-Herrera, Gregory Röder, Nicola Imperiali, Christoph Keel, Monika Maurhofer and Ted C.J. Turlings (2018)
Root-colonizing bacteria enhance the levels of (E)-β-caryophyllene produced by maize roots in response to rootworm feeding
Oecologia 187 (2),  p. 459

Oecologia (2018) 187, 471-482
Michael A. Falk, Richard L. Lindroth, Ken Keefover-Ring and Kenneth F. Raffa (2018)
Genetic variation in aspen phytochemical patterns structures windows of opportunity for gypsy moth larvae
Oecologia 187 (2),  p. 471

Oecologia (2018) 187, 495-506
Onno W. Calf, Heidrun Huber, Janny L. Peters, Alexander Weinhold and Nicole M. van Dam (2018)
Glycoalkaloid composition explains variation in slug resistance in Solanum dulcamara
Oecologia 187 (2),  p. 495

Oecologia (2018) 187, 507-519
Don Cipollini and Donnie L. Peterson (2018)
The potential for host switching via ecological fitting in the emerald ash borer-host plant system
Oecologia 187 (2),  p. 507

Oecologia (2018) 187, 521-533
Robert Bagchi, Leone M. Brown, Chris S. Elphick, David L. Wagner and Michael S. Singer (2018)
Anthropogenic fragmentation of landscapes: mechanisms for eroding the specificity of plant–herbivore interactions
Oecologia 187 (2),  p. 521

Oecologia (2018) 187, 535-545
Benedicte Riber Albrectsen, Abu Bakar Siddique, Vicki Huizu Guo Decker, Martin Unterseher and Kathryn M. Robinson (2018)
Both plant genotype and herbivory shape aspen endophyte communities
Oecologia 187 (2),  p. 535

Oecologia (2018) 187, 839-849
Heather A. Coiner, Katharine Hayhoe, Lewis H. Ziska, Jeff Van Dorn and Rowan F. Sage (2018)
Tolerance of subzero winter cold in kudzu (Pueraria montana var. lobata)
Oecologia 187 (3),  p. 839

Oecologia (2018) 188, 139-147
Krystal A. Nunes and Peter M. Kotanen (2018)
Does local isolation allow an invasive thistle to escape enemy pressure?
Oecologia 188 (1),  p. 139

Oecologia (2018) 188, 159-171
Casey P. terHorst, Camdilla Wirth and Jennifer A. Lau (2018)
Genetic variation in mutualistic and antagonistic interactions in an invasive legume
Oecologia 188 (1),  p. 159

Oecologia (2018) 188, 173-182
David L. Vergara-Tabares, Martín Toledo, Emiliano García and Susana I. Peluc (2018)
Aliens will provide: avian responses to a new temporal resource offered by ornithocorous exotic shrubs
Oecologia 188 (1),  p. 173

Oecologia (2018) 188, 441-450
Yanjie Liu, Min Liu, Xingliang Xu, Yuqiang Tian, Zhen Zhang and Mark van Kleunen (2018)
The effects of changes in water and nitrogen availability on alien plant invasion into a stand of a native grassland species
Oecologia 188 (2),  p. 441

Oecologia (2018) 188, 479-490
P.I. Marcora, A.E. Ferreras, S.R. Zeballos, G. Funes, S. Longo, C. Urcelay and P.A. Tecco (2018)
Context-dependent effects of fire and browsing on woody alien invasion in mountain ecosystems
Oecologia 188 (2),  p. 479

Oecologia (2018) 188, 501-513
L. Cavallero, C.L. Morales, A. Montero-Castaño, J.H. Gowda and M.A. Aizen (2018)
Scale-dependent effects of conspecific flower availability on pollination quantity and quality in an invasive shrub
Oecologia 188 (2),  p. 501

Oecologia (2018) 188, 945-952
Sara L. Hermann and Jennifer S. Thaler (2018)
The effect of predator presence on the behavioral sequence from host selection to reproduction in an invulnerable stage of insect prey
Oecologia 188 (4),  p. 945

Oecologia (2018) 188, 1049-1057
Lauren Mathews (2018)
Learning in herbivorous insects: dispersing aphids spend less time evaluating familiar than novel non-host plant species
Oecologia 188 (4),  p. 1049