Oecologia (2008)

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Articles of Oecologia entered for 2008:

Oecologia (2008) 154, 691-701
James R. Reilly and Ann E. Hajek (2008)
Density-dependent resistance of the gypsy moth Lymantria dispar to its nucleopolyhedrovirus, and the consequences for population dynamics
Oecologia 154 (4),  p. 691

Oecologia (2008) 154, 725-730
Teija Ruuhola, Shiyong Yang, Vladimir Ossipov and Erkki Haukioja (2008)
Foliar oxidases as mediators of the rapidly induced resistance of mountain birch against Epirrita autumnata
Oecologia 154 (4),  p. 725

Oecologia (2008) 154, 755-761
Kristy Halverson, Stephen B. Heard, John D. Nason and John O. Stireman III (2008)
Differential attack on diploid, tetraploid, and hexaploid Solidago altissima L. by five insect gallmakers
Oecologia 154 (4),  p. 755

Oecologia (2008) 155, 63-74
H. Gibb, J. Hilszczanski, J. Hjältén, K. Danell, J.P. Ball, R.B. Pettersson and O. Alinvi (2008)
Responses of parasitoids to saproxylic hosts and habitat: a multi-scale study using experimental logs
Oecologia 155 (1),  p. 63

Oecologia (2008) 155, 205-213
Carles Alcaraz, Angelo Bisazza and Emili García-Berthou (2008)
Salinity mediates the competitive interactions between invasive mosquitofish and an endangered fish
Oecologia 155 (1),  p. 205

Oecologia (2008) 155, 237-246
Lluisa Vilaplana, Elizabeth M. Redman, Kenneth Wilson and Jenny S. Cory (2008)
Density-related variation in vertical transmission of a virus in the African armyworm
Oecologia 155 (2),  p. 237

Oecologia (2008) 155, 257-266
Michael J. Wise, Jenelle M. Partelow, Katherine J. Everson, Melissa K. Anselmo and Warren G. Abrahamson (2008)
Good mothers, bad mothers, and the nature of resistance to herbivory in Solidago altissima
Oecologia 155 (2),  p. 257

Oecologia (2008) 155, 347-356
Eric J. Holzmueller, Shibu Jose and Michael A. Jenkins (2008)
The relationship between fire history and an exotic fungal disease in a deciduous forest
Oecologia 155 (2),  p. 347

Oecologia (2008) 155, 385-395
Nicole E. Heller, Nathan J. Sanders, Jessica Wade Shors and Deborah M. Gordon (2008)
Rainfall facilitates the spread, and time alters the impact, of the invasive Argentine ant
Oecologia 155 (2),  p. 385

Oecologia (2008) 155, 549-558
D. Olson and D. Andow (2008)
Patch edges and insect populations
Oecologia 155 (3),  p. 549

Oecologia (2008) 155, 631-639
Banugopan Kesavaraju, Kavitha Damal and Steven A. Juliano (2008)
Do natural container habitats impede invader dominance? Predator-mediated coexistence of invasive and native container-dwelling mosquitoes
Oecologia 155 (3),  p. 631

Oecologia (2008) 156, 411-421
Luis A. Calcaterra, Juan. P. Livore, Alicia Delgado and Juan A. Briano (2008)
Ecological dominance of the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta , in its native range
Oecologia 156 (2),  p. 411

Oecologia (2008) 156, 505-513
Héctor A. Cárcamo, Kevin D. Floate, Byron L. Lee, Brian L. Beres and Fran R. Clarke (2008)
Developmental instability in a stem-mining sawfly: can fluctuating asymmetry detect plant host stress in a model system?
Oecologia 156 (3),  p. 505

Oecologia (2008) 156, 559-568
Margaret S. Keeler and Frances S. Chew (2008)
Escaping an evolutionary trap: preference and performance of a native insect on an exotic invasive host
Oecologia 156 (3),  p. 559

Oecologia (2008) 156, 589-600
Cheng Zhang Liao, Yi Qi Luo, Chang Ming Fang, Jia Kuan Chen and Bo Li (2008)
Litter pool sizes, decomposition, and nitrogen dynamics in Spartina alterniflora -invaded and native coastal marshlands of the Yangtze Estuary
Oecologia 156 (3),  p. 589

Oecologia (2008) 156, 797-806
Belén Belliure, Arne Janssen and Maurice W. Sabelis (2008)
Herbivore benefits from vectoring plant virus through reduction of period of vulnerability to predation
Oecologia 156 (4),  p. 797

Oecologia (2008) 156, 913-920
Xavier Fauvergue, Alessandro Lo Genco and Mirella Lo Pinto (2008)
Virgins in the wild: mating status affects the behavior of a parasitoid foraging in the field
Oecologia 156 (4),  p. 913

Oecologia (2008) 157, 83-92
Peng-Jun Zhang, Jin-Ping Shu, Cheng-Xin Fu, Yun Zhou, Ying Hu, Myron P. Zalucki and Shu-Sheng Liu (2008)
Trade-offs between constitutive and induced resistance in wild crucifers shown by a natural, but not an artificial, elicitor
Oecologia 157 (1),  p. 83

Oecologia (2008) 157, 185-195
Yosuke Matsumoto, Shimpei Oikawa, Yuko Yasumura, Tadaki Hirose and Kouki Hikosaka (2008)
Reproductive yield of individuals competing for light in a dense stand of an annual, Xanthium canadense
Oecologia 157 (2),  p. 185

Oecologia (2008) 157, 259-267
Diane Wagner, Linda DeFoliart, Patricia Doak and Jenny Schneiderheinze (2008)
Impact of epidermal leaf mining by the aspen leaf miner (Phyllocnistis populiella) on the growth, physiology, and leaf longevity of quaking aspen
Oecologia 157 (2),  p. 259

Oecologia (2008) 157, 387-397
Simon Hodge and Glen Powell (2008)
Complex interactions between a plant pathogen and insect parasitoid via the shared vector-host: consequences for host plant infection
Oecologia 157 (3),  p. 387

Oecologia (2008) 157, 399-407
Simone A. Härri, Jochen Krauss and Christine B. Müller (2008)
Trophic cascades initiated by fungal plant endosymbionts impair reproductive performance of parasitoids in the second generation
Oecologia 157 (3),  p. 399

Oecologia (2008) 157, 459-471
Vikki L. Rodgers, Benjamin E. Wolfe, Leland K. Werden and Adrien C. Finzi (2008)
The invasive species Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard) increases soil nutrient availability in northern hardwood-conifer forests
Oecologia 157 (3),  p. 459

Oecologia (2008) 157, 603-617
Xin Ke and Stefan Scheu (2008)
Earthworms, Collembola and residue management change wheat (Triticum aestivum) and herbivore pest performance (Aphidina: Rhopalosiphum padi)
Oecologia 157 (4),  p. 603

Oecologia (2008) 157, 629-640
Valerie Fournier, James Hagler, Kent Daane, Jesse de León and Russell Groves (2008)
Identifying the predator complex of Homalodisca vitripennis (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae): a comparative study of the efficacy of an ELISA and PCR gut content assay
Oecologia 157 (4),  p. 629

Oecologia (2008) 158, 165-175
Martin Bollazzi, Jenja Kronenbitter and Flavio Roces (2008)
Soil temperature, digging behaviour, and the adaptive value of nest depth in South American species of Acromyrmex leaf-cutting ants
Oecologia 158 (1),  p. 165