Nosema (genus - entomopathogens)

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EM images of a microsporidian of the genus Nosema (not an entomopathogenic species) - A = cross section of mature spore, B-D = details of spore (click on image to enlarge it)
Authors: Bhen Sikina Toguebaye, Yann Quilichini, Papa Mbagnick Diagne and Bernard Marchand
Source:Wikimedia Commons

Nosema Nägeli, 1857

The genus contains more than 30 recognized species causing mainly diseases in insects. The genus still includes many other species whose DNA structure has not yet been analyzed and which might be transferred to other genera. Each sporont produces only one spore. The spores are approximately 3 x 5 µm in size, with 2 nuclei and the polar tube has 9-12 coils. The species are usually specific to one host species.

Several species of Nosema are considered useful biological control agents and some have been used in pest control programs.

This page deals only with species infecting insect pests. For species harmful to beneficial insects like honey bees see the page Nosema diseases of beneficial insects.

Type species: Nosema bombycis

Currently, the following species have been entered into the system: