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Publications of Nicholas H. Ogden (26 listed):

Journal of Medical Entomology (2019) 56, 859-872
Marion Ripoche, Céline Campagna, Antoinette Ludwig, Nicholas H. Ogden and Patrick A. Leighton (2019)
Short-term forecasting of daily abundance of West Nile virus vectors Culex pipiens-restuans (Diptera: Culicidae) and Aedes vexans based on weather conditions in southern Québec (Canada)

Journal of Medical Entomology (2018) 55, 1386-1401
Nicholas H. Ogden, Genevieve Pang, Howard S. Ginsberg, Graham J. Hickling, Russell L. Burke, Lorenza Beati and Jean I. Tsao (2018)
Evidence for geographic variation in life-cycle processes affecting phenology of the lyme disease vector Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) in the United States

Journal of Medical Entomology (2018) 55, 1016-1026
Marion Ripoche, Salima Gasmi, Ariane Adam-Poupart, Jules K. Koffi, L. Robbin Lindsay, Antoinette Ludwig, François Milord, Nicholas H. Ogden, Karine Thivierge and Patrick A. Leighton (2018)
Passive tick surveillance provides an accurate early signal of emerging lyme disease risk and human cases in southern Canada

Journal of Medical Entomology (2018) 55, 501-514
Ellen Y. Stromdahl, Robyn M. Nadolny, Graham J. Hickling, Sarah A. Hamer, Nicholas H. Ogden, Cory Casal, Garrett A. Heck, Jennifer A. Gibbons, Taylor F. Cremeans and Mark A. Pilgard (2018)
Amblyomma americanum (Acari: Ixodidae) ticks are not vectors of the Lyme disease agent, Borrelia burgdorferi (Spirocheatales: Spirochaetaceae): A review of the evidence

Journal of Medical Entomology (2017) 54, 862-868
Vanessa Gabriele-Rivet, Jules K. Koffi, Yann Pelcat, Julie Arsenault, Angela Cheng, L. Robbin Lindsay, Timothy J. Lysyk, Kateryn Rochon and Nicholas H. Ogden (2017)
A risk model for the Lyme disease vector Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) in the prairie provinces of Canada

Journal of Medical Entomology (2016) 53, 99-115
Antoinette Ludwig, Howard S. Ginsberg, Graham J. Hickling and Nicholas H. Ogden (2016)
A dynamic population model to investigate effects of climate and climate-independent factors on the lifecycle of Amblyomma americanum (Acari: Ixodidae)

Journal of Medical Entomology (2016) 53, 250-261
Rebecca J. Eisen, Lars Eisen, Nicholas H. Ogden and Charles B. Beard (2016)
Linkages of weather and climate with Ixodes scapularis and Ixodes pacificus (Acari: Ixodidae), enzootic transmission of Borrelia burgdorferi, and Lyme disease in North America

Parasites and Vectors (2014) 7 (183) - The prevalence of Borrelia ...
Antonia Dibernardo, Tyler Cote, Nicholas H. Ogden and L. Robbin Lindsay (2014)
The prevalence of Borrelia miyamotoi infection, and co-infections with other Borrelia spp. in Ixodes scapularis ticks collected in Canada

Journal of Medical Entomology (2013) 50, 384-393
C. Bouchard, P.A. Leighton, G. Beauchamp, S. Nguon, L. Trudel, F. Milord, L.R. Lindsay, D. Bélanger and N.H. Ogden (2013)
Harvested white-tailed deer as sentinel hosts for early establishing Ixodes scapularis populations and risk from vector-borne zoonoses in southeastern Canada

Journal of Applied Ecology (2013) 50, 510-518
Nicholas H. Ogden, L. Robbin Lindsay and Patrick A. Leighton (2013)
Predicting the rate of invasion of the agent of Lyme disease Borrelia burgdorferi

Journal of Medical Entomology (2013) 50, 560-570
S. Mechai, E.J. Feil, T.D. Gariepy, T.R. Gregory, L.R. Lindsay, V. Millien and N.H. Ogden (2013)
Investigation of the population structure of the tick vector of Lyme disease Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) in Canada using mitochondrial cytochrome C oxidase subunit I gene sequences

Journal of Applied Ecology (2012) 49, 457-464
Patrick A. Leighton, Jules K. Koffi, Yann Pelcat, L. Robbin Lindsay and Nicholas H. Ogden (2012)
Predicting the speed of tick invasion: an empirical model of range expansion for the Lyme disease vector Ixodes scapularis in Canada

Journal of Medical Entomology (2012) 49, 400-409
Jules K. Koffi, Patrick A. Leighton, Yann Pelcat, Louise Trudel, L. Robbin Lindsay, François Milord and Nicholas H. Ogden (2012)
Passive surveillance for I. scapularis ticks: Enhanced analysis for early detection of emerging lyme disease risk

Molecular Ecology Resources (2012) 12, 646-652
T.D. Gariepy, R. Lindsay, N. Ogden and T.R. Gregory (2012)
Identifying the last supper: utility of the DNA barcode library for bloodmeal identification in ticks

Journal of Medical Entomology (2011) 48, 468-475
Jiafeng Wang, Nick H. Ogden and Huaiping Zhu (2011)
The impact of weather conditions on Culex pipiens and Culex restuans (Diptera: Culicidae) abundance: A case study in Peel region

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2008) 74, 7118-7125
K.J. Bown, X. Lambin, G.R. Telford, N.H. Ogden, S. Telfer, Z. Woldehiwet and R.J. Birtles (2008)
Relative importance of Ixodes ricinus and Ixodes trianguliceps as vectors for Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Babesia microti in field vole (Microtus agrestis) populations

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2008) 74, 1780-1790
N.H. Ogden, L.R. Lindsay, K. Hanincová, I.K. Barker, M. Bigras-Poulin, D.F. Charron, A. Heagy, C.M. Francis, C.J. O'Callaghan, I. Schwartz and R.A. Thompson (2008)
Role of migratory birds in introduction and range expansion of Ixodes scapularis ticks and of Borrelia burgdorferi and Anaplasma phagocytophilum in Canada

Journal of Medical Entomology (2006) 43, 403-414
N.H. Ogden, I.K. Barker, G. Beauchamp, S. Brazeau, D.F. Charron, A. Maarouf, M.G. Morshed, C.J. O'Callaghan, R.A. Thompson, D. Waltner-Toews, M. Waltner-Toews and L.R. Lindsay (2006)
Investigation of ground level and remote-sensed data for habitat classification and prediction of survival of Ixodes scapularis in habitats of southeastern Canada

Journal of Medical Entomology (2006) 43, 600-609
N.H. Ogden, L. Trudel, H. Artsob, I.K. Barker, G. Beauchamp, D.F. Charron, M.A. Drebot, T.D. Galloway, R. O'Handley, R.A. Thompson and L.R. Lindsay (2006)
Ixodes scapularis ticks collected by passive surveillance in Canada: Analysis of geographic distribution and infection with Lyme borreliosis agent Borrelia burgdorferi

Journal of Medical Entomology (2004) 41, 622-633
N.H. Ogden, L.R. Lindsay, G. Beauchamp, D. Charron, A. Maarouf, C.J. O'Callaghan, D. Waltner-Toews and I.K. Barker (2004)
Investigation of relationships between temperature and developmental rates of tick Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) in the laboratory and field

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2002) 16, 186-192
N.H. Ogden, A.N.J. Casey, C.H. Lawrie, N.P. French, Z. Woldehiwet and S.D. Carter (2002)
IgG responses to salivary gland extract of Ixodes ricinus ticks vary inversely with resistance in naturally exposed sheep

Experimental and Applied Acarology (2002) 28, 195-202
N.H. Ogden, A.N.J. Casey, N.P. French and Z. Woldehiwet (2002)
A review of studies on the transmission of Anaplasma phagocytophilum from sheep: implications for the force of infection in endemic cycles

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2000) 14, 332-338
N.H. Ogden, P. Cripps, C.C. Davison, G. Owen, J.M. Parry, B.J. Timms and A.B. Forbes (2000)
The ixodid tick species attaching to domestic dogs and cats in Great Britain and Ireland

Experimental and Applied Acarology (1998) 22, 367-372
N.H. Ogden, K. Kurtenbach and P.A. Nuttall (1998)
Interstadial and infestation level-dependent variation in the transmission efficiency of Borrelia burgdorferi from mice to Ixodes ricinus ticks

Experimental and Applied Acarology (1998) 22, 227-232
N.H. Ogden, R.S. Hailes and P.A. Nuttall (1998)
Interstadial variation in the attachment sites of Ixodes ricinus ticks on sheep

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (1998) 12, 423-429
N.H. Ogden, K. Bown, B.K. Horrocks, Z. Woldehiwet and M. Bennett (1998)
Granulocytic Ehrlichia infection in ixodid ticks and mammals in woodlands and uplands of the UK