Neotropical Entomology (2003) 32, 625-637

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María C. Granara de Willink and Lucía E. Claps (2003)
Cochinillas (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) Presentes en Plantas Ornamentales de la Argentina
[Scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) present on ornamentals in Argentina]
Neotropical Entomology 32 (4), 625-637
Abstract: Many native and exotic plants are cultivated at urban environments, where they provide shade and appeal to our aesthetic sensibilities. Almost no research has been done on the Coccoidea
associated with ornamentals in the Neotropics, although they seem especially well adapted for survival in urban ecosystems. The objective of this paper is to provide information about some scale insects families that attack ornamentals in Argentina. This work was accomplished by examining scale insects in Argentine collections, as well as by studying new material collected in the field, or sent for identification by colleagues throughout the country. Ninety species of Coccoidea were identified, belonging to eigth families, and 53 genera. Fifty-two species of Diaspididae, 15 Pseudococcidae, 18 Coccidae, only one species in Asterolecaniidae, Eriococcidae, Lecanodiaspididae, Margarodidae, and Ortheziidae families were found. Seventy-one species are cosmopolitans and 19 endemics. About 190 ornamental species in many different families were affected. A list of the scale insects in alphabetical order, hosts, distribution, economic importance, relevant bibliography, and an alphabetical host plants list, with the scale insects affecting them, are given.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
(original language: Spanish)
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Unaspis euonymi Euonymus (crop) Argentina
Planococcus citri Citrus (genus) Argentina
Planococcus citri Grapevine (Vitis) Argentina
Planococcus citri Begonia (crop) Argentina
Protopulvinaria pyriformis Guava (Psidium) Argentina
Protopulvinaria pyriformis Avocado (Persea americana) Argentina
Protopulvinaria pyriformis Gardenia (crop) Argentina
Aonidiella aurantii Citrus (genus) Argentina
Aonidiella aurantii Pomegranate (Punica granatum) Argentina
Aonidiella aurantii Mango (Mangifera indica) Argentina
Aonidiella aurantii Hibiscus (crop) Argentina
Coccus hesperidum Citrus (genus) Argentina
Coccus hesperidum Grapevine (Vitis) Argentina
Coccus hesperidum Banana/plantain (Musa) Argentina
Coccus hesperidum Tea (Camellia sinensis) Argentina
Coccus hesperidum Dahlia (crop) Argentina
Pseudococcus longispinus Citrus (genus) Argentina
Pseudococcus longispinus Pomegranate (Punica granatum) Argentina
Pseudococcus longispinus Bougainvillea (crop) Argentina
Unaspis citri Citrus (genus) Argentina
Saissetia oleae Citrus (genus) Argentina
Saissetia oleae Plumeria (genus) Argentina
Diaspidiotus perniciosus Citrus (genus) Argentina
Diaspidiotus perniciosus Peach/nectarine (Prunus persica) Argentina
Diaspidiotus perniciosus Plum/prune (Prunus domestica) Argentina
Diaspidiotus ostreaeformis Elm (Ulmus) Argentina
Diaspidiotus ostreaeformis Poplar/aspen (Populus) Argentina
Aspidiotus nerii Citrus (genus) Argentina
Aspidiotus nerii Grapevine (Vitis) Argentina
Aspidiotus nerii Dianthus (genus) Argentina
Pseudaulacaspis pentagona Peach/nectarine (Prunus persica) Argentina
Pseudaulacaspis pentagona Hibiscus (crop) Argentina
Chrysomphalus dictyospermi Citrus (genus) Argentina
Chrysomphalus dictyospermi Euonymus (crop) Argentina
Lepidosaphes beckii Citrus (genus) Argentina
Parthenolecanium corni Plum/prune (Prunus domestica) Argentina
Parthenolecanium corni Poplar/aspen (Populus) Argentina
Icerya purchasi Citrus (genus) Argentina
Icerya purchasi Rosa (crop) Argentina
Ferrisia virgata Citrus (genus) Argentina
Ferrisia virgata Grapevine (Vitis) Argentina
Ferrisia virgata Acacia (crop) Argentina
Planococcus minor Citrus (genus) Argentina
Planococcus minor Coffee (Coffea) Argentina
Planococcus minor Gardenia (crop) Argentina
Phenacoccus parvus Lantana (crop) Argentina
Chrysomphalus aonidum Citrus (genus) Argentina
Chrysomphalus aonidum Euonymus (crop) Argentina
Parlatoria blanchardi Phoenix (genus) Argentina
Lepidosaphes gloverii Citrus (genus) Argentina
Lepidosaphes gloverii Euonymus (crop) Argentina
Dysmicoccus brevipes Banana/plantain (Musa) Argentina
Saissetia coffeae Guava (Psidium) Argentina
Saissetia coffeae Hibiscus (crop) Argentina
Diaspidiotus uvae Yucca (crop) Argentina
Asterodiaspis variolosa Oak (Quercus) Argentina
Parasaissetia nigra Hibiscus (crop) Argentina
Parlatoria ziziphi Citrus (genus) Argentina
Parlatoria pergandii Citrus (genus) Argentina
Parlatoria pergandii Nerium (crop) Argentina
Parlatoria proteus Camellia (other species) Argentina
Abgrallaspis cyanophylli Euonymus (crop) Argentina
Hemiberlesia lataniae Peach/nectarine (Prunus persica) Argentina
Hemiberlesia lataniae Mango (Mangifera indica) Argentina
Hemiberlesia lataniae Melia (crop) Argentina
Pinnaspis aspidistrae Citrus (genus) Argentina
Pinnaspis aspidistrae Phoenix (genus) Argentina
Pulvinaria floccifera Euonymus (crop) Argentina
Pinnaspis strachani Citrus (genus) Argentina
Parthenolecanium persicae Citrus (genus) Argentina
Parthenolecanium persicae Grapevine (Vitis) Argentina
Hemiberlesia rapax Citrus (genus) Argentina
Hemiberlesia rapax Plum/prune (Prunus domestica) Argentina
Hemiberlesia rapax Grapevine (Vitis) Argentina
Hemiberlesia rapax Banana/plantain (Musa) Argentina
Hemiberlesia rapax Robinia (crop) Argentina
Planococcus ficus Grapevine (Vitis) Argentina
Parlatoria oleae Peach/nectarine (Prunus persica) Argentina
Parlatoria oleae Plum/prune (Prunus domestica) Argentina
Parlatoria oleae Rosa (crop) Argentina
Ceroplastes cirripediformis Gardenia (crop) Argentina
Antonina graminis Cynodon (crop) Argentina
Phenacoccus madeirensis Pelargonium (crop) Argentina
Eucalymnatus tessellatus Argentina
Leucaspis pusilla Pine (Pinus) Argentina
Insignorthezia insignis Gardenia (crop) Argentina
Ceroplastes grandis Citrus (genus) Argentina
Kilifia acuminata Mango (Mangifera indica) Argentina
Kilifia acuminata Gardenia (crop) Argentina
Saissetia miranda Gardenia (crop) Argentina
Aonidomytilus albus Mango (Mangifera indica) Argentina
Aonidomytilus albus Chrysanthemum (genus) Argentina
Oceanaspidiotus spinosus Argentina
Aulacaspis rosae Rosa (crop) Argentina
Parlatoria cinerea Citrus (genus) Argentina
Parlatoria cinerea Cypress (Cupressus) Argentina